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Work At Mcdonalds Salary

¿How much does a McDonald’s employee earn in the USA? The average salary for those who usually work at mcdonald’s in the United States it is $ 10.17 an hour. The salary at mcdonalds it may vary depending on the position you occupy. Stay to know more about how much McDonalds pays.

The I work at McDonald’s for students who want to gain work experience at an early age, it is still an option for those who in some way want to become independent and who want opportunities for growth.

How much do they pay at Mcdonalds USA 2020 per position?

The salaries that are going to be obtained for performing functions as an employee in the McDonald’s company, vary according to the position, let’s see below how much is the average payment that can be obtained being an employee of McDonalds:

  • Maintenance technician: $ 10 an hour.
  • Shift manager: He earns about $ 25,000 or $ 26,000 a year.
  • Team member: $ 9 an hour.
  • Cashier: $ 7- $ 11 per hour, on average $ 8.83.
  • Fast food worker: $ 8- $ 12 per hour, but on average this is usually $ 11.55.

The employees who usually receive the highest salary in this prestigious fast food franchise are those who occupy the position of executive assistant, who reach salaries of up to $ 20.42 per hour.

I want to work at McDonalds

Being part of Mcdonalds, which is one of the most recognized brands in the world, which has more than 14,000 branches in the USA, may be the first job opportunity you are looking for, if you want to start training as an expert in customer service from the beginning, but above all with job stability.

If you want to join the team of the MCdonalds company, then it is only a matter of accessing the official website of the company to send your resume online, a recommendation is that you see the offer for which you want to apply and you touch the apply button, you can visit their page by clicking here.

Let’s see some benefits that McDonalds employees usually have:

  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Support to study
  • Reductions in prices when wanting to buy a new or used car
  • Possibility of growth
  • Training according to the position and function that you are going to carry out within the company

Among other benefits, but the good thing is that they not only have open positions to work in premises, but also in the office area.

In addition, each month the team of branch managers usually make an evaluation of the team that has stood out the most in order to provide them with a great incentive.

Requirements to work at McDonalds

  • Be available: What I mean is that you will have to have availability to work either in the morning, noon or in the afternoon, as this is one of the main points that this fast food company seeks.
  • Ease of transport: An important factor to take into account is that public transport closes at certain times, and therefore, if you have a car or motorcycle, it will be much better for you.
  • Be young: I do not want to say that it is an obligation, but if there is something to take into account, it is that many companies hire more and more young people and especially in McDonalds, it is required to have a lot of energy due to the environment in which they usually work.
  • Possess university degrees: This applies more to those who want to apply to positions that have to do with an office, but if you do not have a university degree, do not worry, you still have the option to apply for local positions.

Positions to apply at MCdonalds

At present, Mcdonalds has open positions for different positions such as:

Team member

They are an essential part of the MCdonalds staff, since their function is usually to maintain the cleanliness of the premises and carry out the preparation of the food that is offered within the McDonalds menu.

If you want to be part of this staff, then you must take into account that always receiving customers with a smile, being proactive and attentive when taking customer orders, is key to performing in this position as an employee of McDonalds.


His work is mainly carried out at the counter, in charge of taking orders, either at the counter, as well as handling money.

Shift manager

This manager is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction every time they visit the branch to place their orders.

Work hours at Mcdonalds

The working hours at McdonaldsThey will be varied in terms of location, although it is regularly required that you have time available to work at night, which is usually from 22:00 PM to 07:00 AM.

NOTE: We are in no way contractors, we just talk about company vacancies, we are not headhunting either.

Frequently asked questions about how much they earn at McDonalds

How much do they pay at McDonald’s part time?

If you want to know how much a McDonald’s part time employee earns, I tell you that according to Glassdoor, the part time salary at McDonald’s is $ 13 an hour for those who are a crew member.

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