How to find my ein number: The EIN number is an important documentation that everyone needs to have spotted always. It’s extremely important to have it at hand, if you need to pay taxes or prove to institutions that your company is yours it may come handy. How to find your EIN number? What happens if you lose it?

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Well, losing your EIN number is bad, but is not the end of the world, there are many ways to recover your EIN number. Remember that the EIN number is a key information that may be essential to complete of your business’ activity.

You can also fall short and regret not having it at hand when you are applying for a business loan or something else. Make sure that after you have retrieved your EIN number you keep it in a safe place that you don’t forget. Ideally, your mind.

You can actually find your EIN number online, by phone, fax, or you could go personally to the correspondent institution. But first, you should check out the EIN confirmation letter, which will be necessary to retrieve the EIN number.

Before going into this you should check all of the documents of your company, maybe some taxes bills. It’s possible that your EIN number is recorded in some of these places, and now you don’t need to do that process.

Anyway if nothing of this works, then you will have to call the IRS to retrieve it. Of course, remember that they won’t give this information to employees. It must be the owner of the company or someone with high rank on it.

Where can I find my EIN number?

The easiest way to have your EIN number back is to go to the IRS personally, and issue a process that should not take too long. Then, they will have a short interview with you for security reasons.

After you have answered the questions they will give you your EIN number and that’s it. You don’t necessarily have to go, you can also do this by the phone or fax, also online.

But this is just in case you prefer, make sure to bring some documentation to prove that your business is yours. Also, your personal documents and your business’ too.

Can I look up a business EIN number?

There are many ways that you can do this, the thing is that you can look up another businesses’ EIN numbers. You can have information about your own personal EIN number or other business’.

Actually, trying to get another business’ EIN number is inappropriate, unless you need it to make business or transactions with the other company. In this case, the best option is to directly ask them their EIN number, if they don’t know it give them the link of this post so they can have it back quickly.

You can also look up documents of your previous businesses with that company, ilke payments, for example. There is a high chance that you end up getting it, without having to ask them for it.

The first option that you might consider is checking your EIN confirmation letter. This is the document that the IRS surely gave you when you first verified your EIN number. This document is key to have your EIN number back, as you might see it there, or it will be necessary to have a response by the IRS.

Your EIN confirmation letter should be located easily in your accounts. If you applied to EIN verification through e-mail it should be in your e-mail, if by fax then in fax.

The second option is always going for the place where that EIN you are looking for is located. Maybe in some bills, or documentation related to your business. It should also be stored in your bank account statements, or in your business loan appliances, credit card reports, so many documents.

As the final resort you will have to swallow up pride and simply call the IRS and say “hey, I don’t know my EIN number”. And this time you really should remember it! Call to the IRS special tax line, which is like a client support line. And the operator will tell you your EIN number over the phone, make sure you have paper and pencil around.

Can I get a copy of my EIN number online?

Yes, you need to go to the official IRS webpage, and they will give you a formulary that you will have to fill. You can also find the instructions of what you have to do in case you don’t know your company’s EIN number.

It’s important that you visit the page and make sure it has been updated recently. It’s also important that you trust the information that is in the official webpage, we don’t want scams to happen.

See what the requirements to have your EIN back are, and make sure to have them before requesting the formulary. Then, simply fill up the formulary and submit it, the IRS should process your request quickly and send your EIN through e-mail, or directly call you.

If you still have problems with this call the IRS tax line.

What happens if I lose my EIN number?

It’s very common to see company owners to lose their EINs, remember that it has to be changed in specific situations. For example, if the company is suffering structural changes, or if they are moving to a different locality they will need to change their EIN.

Also, you might accidentally tear it down, or let it fall in water. Then, you will have to make a different request for this kind of case. And you will probably have to ask for a copy of the EIN verification letter, and request a copy of the document.

If this is the case, we recommend you go quickly and request your EIN number back, we don’t know when you’ll need it!

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