The GEICO mobile app is a virtual assurance app and assistant that offers really useful services just by getting into the app. They prompt themselves as a number one car insurance app there are, here is everything you need to know about GEICO services. They also count with the special GEICO home insurance service, and find gas options.

Beforehand I warn you that we are not trying to sell you anything, we will have an objective look at GEICO mobile and its services. Based on:

  1. How the app defines itself and the services they assure the customer will have
  2. Several experiments of people who has tried the app
  3. Different opinions about the app from people who had an experience with it

This so you can have a good understanding of what you are getting into before installing their app. The app is free to download for android and iOS, but some of their services require payment.

How does GEICO mobile work?

GEICO is an app that allows you to request services to take care of your property and car assurance services. For example, if you need tow services for your car you can go to the app and request them whatever you are, even on holidays.

If you got a crack on your window or a dent in your car go to the app and send them a picture of the damage. You will get an answer in minutes with the budget to fix it and the nearest place where you can take your car to fix it.

All of these services are pretty useful, and convenient if you want to get solutions fast. It also has a system that evaluates the way you drive to know if you are in-rule or not, and this is quite interesting.

There is a score, that might increase or decrease depending on how good you are driving. How is this possible? When you start driving the app activates the movement detectors your phone has, to know the speed of your car, and how far you have moved.

So they know how good of a driver you are, why is this important? Because if you have an accident, depending on the score the app has for your driving they will give you 25% off the insurance spends if you were driving in-rule.

And is important how this system works, and how good it is, I will give my personal opinions later in this post.

Don’t confuse GEICO mobile app with GEICO drive easy!

Quick disclaimer before continuing: There are three GEICO mobile apps to use:

  1. GEICO mobile – Car Insurance
  2. DriveEasy by GEICO
  3. GEICO DriveEasy Pro

GEICO DriveEasy Pro is relatively new, it was last updated on April 2nd 2022, and there aren’t even any calcifications on Google Play. And, DriveEasy by GEICO has a really low rating, 2.5 out of 5 stars, and the app is full of bad reviews by angry customers.

However, you should stick with the GEICO mobile app which is the best of all, with a 4.8 stars out of 5, and great reviews. Customers are happy, and the service is by far superior to their old DriveEasy app.

Is the GEICO mobile app worth it?

Sure the GEICO mobile app download is worth the try; many customers say the price is significantly lower than other insurance services. And, is an all-in-one, GEICO drive insurance app, GEICO home insurance app, and GEICO find your services app.

Considering the price, it would be a good option, however, not everyone is happy in this story, let’s analyze their service a little more.

GEICO mobile customer service

People have been qualifying the GEICO mobile app with good reviews for this reason. From their old DriveEasy app, they have really improved the service. They claim that for the roadside assistance and other services they take maximum 20 minutes.

And no one has complained about this time, they always do it really quickly. Also, there is a chat where you can talk to one of the members of the GEICO support team and ask for help.

About this, the app gets a good score.

What does users think about GEICO app?

In general terms, excellent, the only problem that many people have been complaining about is the cornering system. GEICO uses different factors as:

  • Hard breaking
  • Cornering
  • Smoothness
  • Distracted driving
  • Type of road
  • More

To score your driving, and assess your driving completely, and make sure that you are driving safely. Of course, the higher your score is the best opportunities and conditions you will have when you require the app’s services.

But many users claim that despite they take the corners really slow as they drive they still have a bad score at cornering. Which lowers the general score, so is simply not good.

Other customers claim that the whole system is broken and that no matter how they drive, they keep an awful score. To avoid these problems, we recommend you download the app and take a drive test on your car and see how the app scores you.

How can I speak to a living person at GEICO?

Normally, they first communicate you with an automatized answerer in the app. If you want to talk to a real person you may call the following number: 1-800-207-7847

After this, one of the person at GEICO’s customer service assistance will immediately take your call.

How do you call GEICO mobile?

You will need to call one of the lines depending on your situation and what you exactly have problems with. Here are the following numbers for the different services:

  • Emergency roadside service: 1-800-424-3426.
  • Property: 1-800-241-8098.
  • Military: 1-800-645-4827.
  • Motorcycle: 1-800-442-9253.

Before getting your call answered, you will be asked some questions to get you the appropriate assistant:

  • For quote press 1
  • For claim press 2
  • For Roadside Assistance service press 3
  • For all other inquiries press 4


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