GoFundMe is a website that will allow you to request donations from anyone in the world for important situations of your life. You can get donations for pretty much anything, and the process is really easy, everyone is united to provide help in GoFundMe.

If you are looking for a way to start a campaign to collect the funds you need, this article is for you. Even if not, this information will be useful, you never know when you might use it! We will tell you everything you need to know about GoFundMe, and how you can start collecting money now!

How does GoFundMe work?

In GoFundMe you have the chance to create an online request for people to donate to a certain cause you want to help. It could be for you or other people, the money can be used for medical expenses, a non-profit organization, or even your marriage expenses.

Your request will be companied by a post, where you will explain why you are asking for the money and what you will use it for. Actually, this is optional, but if you want to convince people to donate, you will have to make your best effort.

Once posted, you will need to spread the word about your cause, and encourage more people to come and see your petition. Then, people will decide to voluntarily collaborate with you or not. Most people usually ask for money for insurance wages, emergencies, and that kind of situation.

GoFundMe platform has over ten years existing and providing this amazing service, they will help in the process. They will assist you to promote your post on social media and provide the most exposition possible.

The last important thing you have to know is that GoFundMe is not a non-profit organization. Which means they will take a small percentage of everything you collect.

You don’t need to worry about the site’s trustworthiness. GoFundMe has collected over 9 billion dollars in donations from its existence. And it hasn’t encountered that kind of problems, people trust this site, a respectable website of donations.

What can you ask for money on GoFundMe for?

The page doesn’t actually have any restrictions on what you can ask money for, they are donations, you can ask for anything. However, if you want to collect money, and don’t want to earn people’s hate for free, there are restrictions.

You should be asking the money for reasonable things, this site is usually used by people in need, or with low resources. So you shouldn’t be asking for money to get the brand new Xbox. Use this page for purposes that really have some weight, and never take people’s generosity lightly.

How to start collecting money on GoFundMe?

Using the platform is extremely easy, we will provide you a simplified step by step guide on how to start collecting:

  1. Create an account: The page will request you several basic information that you will have to provide to create an account. You will need an account to interact with the page in general, to start findings collection, and to donate to others if you like.
  2. Create your fundraiser: You won’t have trouble finding this part, and then you will have to create your fundraiser. Asking for donations online is an art, is something that requires a certain skill. Remember that you are trying to convince people to give you money. Try to be specific, inspire people with your story, and give them a message. Make them feel that by donating they are doing something, let them be part of that. If you are asking for money, at least give them some participation.

How can I withdraw the money from GoFundMe?

You can withdraw the funds you have collected whenever you want, even if you haven’t reached the goal. You will have to confirm your email, phone number, bank personal information, and receive the money. Your fundraiser can keep receiving money even after the goal has been reached.

On the GoFundMe official support site, you will find them saying “ask for your funds at least one week before you need them”. Because the process to get the money takes time, and we don’t want inconvenience to happen.

How much money does GoFundMe take?

GoFundMe has no fees to the people who decide to donate, they won’t charge the donor, nor the client for anything. However, they won’t assume the fees imposed by different platforms used for payments, for example, PayPal.

The donor will have to assume the fees imposed by their bank or platform used to pay to make his donation. Also, they will deduct a 2.9 percentage of the donations made + a 0.30$ fee for every donation made.

For example, if someone donates 100$, 96,8 will be sent to the fundraiser, which is 2.9 % + 0.30$. The donators also have the option to leave a tip for the GoFundMe company for their services if they like.

Can I start a GoFundMe for myself?

Yes, you can start a fundraiser for pretty much anyone, just make sure you explain the reason you are doing it very well. However, if you are going to start a fundraiser, we recommend you find someone to help you in the process.

Do you get all the money on GoFundMe?

The amount of money donated minus the small fees GoFundMe charges will be given to the fundraiser. So, yes, we could say you get all the money raised by your campaign on GoFundMe.

How do you donate to GoFundMe?

After you have created your account, you will see the different campaigns there are still active receiving funds. If you want to donate, click the button donate now, add your payment methods and your information to donate.

The platform will guide you through the whole process, which is not easy to do. For special cases, when you want to donate for a foreign and have a different balance, you should visit its FAQ.

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