You obtain your work license by applying for Employment Authorization by filing Form I. 765 with the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, after which you will pay a non-refundable fee.

Therefore, you must be sure that you are eligible because knowing the eligibility criteria is paramount, so read on.

How much the California Work License Costs

To obtain a work license, the UCIS requires that you pay $380 when you apply, and even if you have hired an attorney to help you with this procedure, they will also charge you a fee.

Presentation fee:

As an applicant, you need to know your eligibility category, which is listed on Form I-765, and you may have to pay a renewal fee depending on your case.

If you are an immigrant, you must pay renewal fees.

If you would prefer an attorney to help you complete the I-765 form, they will charge you for their fees. For these types of standard services, most immigration attorneys charge a flat fee, the most common of which is a fee of between $250 and $500.

You may even be able to bill separately for services such as document and photocopy costs, but you can ask the lawyer for an estimate of these costs in advance and you will also need to have two color photographs to be sent with the application, which can be worth $10.

Keep in mind that the federal government creates different visa classifications with application restrictions for different types of workers and industries.

When you apply you must pay a fee of $410, but if you apply for DACA as a youth, you must pay an additional $85 for biometrics, which means that if you are a youth, you will pay $495 in total.

But you will not pay the fee when you fIRSt apply for a work permit if you are a refugee or holder of the N8/N-9 or T-1 visa.

How to apply for a work permit in California

To obtain a work license, you should know that in California there is a Professional Licensing Act, so the California Department of Consumer Affairs considers applicants with the federal tax identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as proof of identification that did not exist before, since only the social security number was required.

But keep in mind that while the law authorizes the state to issue professional licenses to an undocumented immigrant, it does not replace a work permit, nor can you apply for a job with the government or a private company.

However, it is a law that helps you if you have the ITIN number because to acquire the license you will present an ITIN taxpayer identification number, issued by the federal government if you do not have the social security number and in turn, you must pass the exams that correspond to your profession or trade.

Therefore, as an undocumented person in California, you can apply for a license to practice different professions or trades as a stylist, pharmacist, doctor, dentist, property agent, gardener, cosmetologist or nurse.

However, if you want to work legally in the United States, you must obtain a work permit, known as an EAD, which is granted only to people in immigration status.

Who can apply for an EAD:

The persons eligible to apply for a work permit are

  1. Political refugees with their spouses and children.
  2. Isolated persons with pending or granted status.
  3. The citizens of Marshall Island, Palau or Micronesia.
  4. Vocational students on an M-1 visa.
  5. Teachers or teachers holding a D visa or J-1 exchange with their spouses and children.
  6. Vocational students with an M-1 visa who after completing their studies want to improve themselves in practice.
  7. Dependents of G visa holders for employment with U. S. organizations.
  8. Dependents of a foreigner with an a1/A/2 or NATO visa.
  9. People on a B-1 visa.
  10. The husband or wife of a person with a visa and investor E/1/E-2.
  11. The husband or wife of an L-1 visa holder.
  12. The boyfriend or girlfriend of a U. S. citizen and children with K-1 or K-2 visas.
  13. The spouse of a K-3 student and their children.
  14. People with N-8/N-9 visas.
  15. People who are victims of domestic violence.
  16. U-1 aliens who are victims of torture, domestic violence or victims of violent acts and family members under the same type of visa.
  17. The beneficiaries of the SIJ program.
  18. Applicants for a Green card.

To apply for a work permit, you must complete form I 765 and submit it online or on paper, prior to checking if you qualify.

Therefore, you should understand that there are groups of foreigners who have to present different documents.

But beyond the alien groups, everyone must file with the USCIS along with the application:

Copy of Form I-94, unless you request a change of status.
Copy of front and back of previous work permits.
Two passport-sized color photos taken no more than 30 days prior to submitting the application.

Adjustment of status:

You can apply for adjustment of status by submitting certain documents along with the application, as they are documents requested from any type of applicant.

You will apply for adjustment of status by completing the I-485 form, which can be found on the official Immigration and Citizenship Service website and payment will be made to the Department of Homeland Security at a cost that varies according to different factors:

For example: Children under 14 years of age who apply for adjustment of status in conjunction with a parent who is also an applicant have a cost of $635.

For children under 14 years of age who apply for a change of status without their parents, it costs $985,

People aged 14 to 78 years old cost $985 plus $85 for biometric data.

From 79 years of age, the cost is 985 dollars.

A copy of the birth certificate must be attached as a document, stamped by the authority that issued it and translated by a translator who certifies the translation.

For adjustment of status, it is also necessary to attach two passport size photographs that are taken no more than 30 days prior to submitting the application.



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