Nowadays the dog care business is very popular because it is possible to start a successful operation in a very simple way.

Steps to open a dog care business

To open a dog care business, you need to follow a few steps to successfully operate it, for example:

The information:

Not having experience in this type of business, at least it is important to collect information on the behavior of animals and learn about canine CPR as part of first aid, because it is necessary to study everything that relates to the animal at the veterinary level, which can be acquired with a volunteer in an animal shelter.
Even if you have no experience, it can also be acquired from a volunteer in a veterinarian or rescue group.

Legal aspects:

All legal aspects must be considered before the opening of the business. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact an accountant in order to receive advice on the suitability of the different types of business structure, since it is possible to think of forming a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or another type of structure.
Even an accountant or a lawyer can advise on the various permits and licenses necessary for the legal opening of the business.

Recruitment of employees:

Even if it is a small business, which can be a one-man operation, at some point it will be necessary to hire employees, therefore it is important to hire certified or experienced personnel in dealing with dogs, as employees must be certified or trained in CPR and pet first aid.

Insurance policy:

It is necessary to purchase an insurance policy, as it will be useful in the event that any animal is injured inside the commercial premises, so it is essential to have a veterinarian to deal with emergencies.

The commercial premises:

By regulation, the facilities of the commercial premises must comply with certain requirements relating to the care of the dog.

For example, animals cannot be kept in cages. The establishment should have enough space for the dogs to be kept in groups according to their age and size, as the puppies should not remain in the same group of adult dogs and each group should be fed separately and during the day should be established a special time for the animal to rest.
Another area must be exclusive to the game and if the facilities allow it, it must have an open area.

Depending on the hydration of the dogs, the facilities must also have a special area for the swimming pool, which must have water at the request of the animal, while within the commercial premises the animals must have the necessary climatic comfort with air conditioning.

Even for the safety of animals it is important that the commercial premises have a webcam, so that the business owner can maintain real-time control over the animals with a transmission throughout the day, because it is the most necessary and sought after feature by animal owners and can be promoted as a marketing plan of the business.
Well, it’s important w the business offers safety and cleanliness in the entire facility, which is important for the animals that are kept in care and for the business staff.

Services: It is important to define the type of service that the business will offer, as it is usually a type of business that from Monday to Friday opens its doors in the morning to receive the animal and closes in the afternoon when it is picked up.

But on Saturdays and Sundays, the business hurts to open in the middle of the morning and the animal is picked up in the afternoon.

However, to satisfy customers it is possible to think of a transportation service to pick up the pet and return it to the customer’s house in the afternoon with an additional charge that will be assessed according to the distance from business to home.

Other services that can be offered and increase business success are dog obedience training, restroom service and sale of pet food.

Since it is important to have a veterinarian on the premises, it is possible to offer vaccination and registration for the pet owner’s peace of mind.

Prices: In order to establish the prices, it is best to contact your competitors and structure the prices according to the types of services they offer, as these are variable in each state and city.

It is even possible to establish prices, creating monthly or daily memberships, prices by number of pets, since if a single owner trusts in the facilities leaving several dogs, can be considered a discount by quantity and can also establish the price for housing the animal for half a day or full day.
New clients: When a new dog is inserted into the group, it is necessary to know if it is socialized to interact with other dogs, therefore it is convenient to conduct an interview with the owner to complete an entry form with all the data of the dog, including vaccinations and everything that has to do with his health, because in the case of w is necessary it is important to have information from the veterinarian who is in charge of attending to the dog.
Marketing to start a dog care business

Markerting to successfully open a successful dog care business

And very varied, you can place an ad in yellow pages, advertise in local newspapers, use a website reporting on the services offered by the business and promote the facilities so that mascot owners can appreciate the security of the business and trust their attention.

In case of offering the transportation service, it is a good idea to paint the company logo with the phone number and e-mail address on the vehicle.


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