Infinity auto insurance is exactly what you need for your car so you can feel safe driving. Infinity is one of the leading companies offering insurance services to high-risk drivers in Florida, Arizona, California, Georgia, and Texas.

Infinity offers all the benefits you need from insurance based on the opinion of its users. However, take into account that if you are not a high-risk driver it probably isn’t the best option to go for.

A high-risk driver doesn’t necessarily have bad driving records. Elder drivers, people with extravagant cars, and newly licensed are considered “high risk”. The reason why people have rated infinity auto insurance company as the best is because of the benefits it has.

For example, the immense amount of discounts and how comprehensive the company is with its clients. Not to mention, the comfort the service offers, and the plans for insurance that you get to choose. If you are looking for insurance for high-risk drivers, make sure you read this post until the end.

What kind of insurance is infinity?

Infinity insurance has a great reach in its service, which has been improving ever since 1955 striving to offer good service. Nowadays, is listed on the best 50 insurance companies there are, operating actively in the U.S.

They only far more insurance than simply the auto insurance. Note that you can also find home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, rideshare insurance, among others. This is a company that will cover you in anything you need.

You should probably check out how the company and different insurances work, you might like what you see. Most of the clients of this company are Latin, they focus on providing good service for them.

For this reason, you can find their whole official webpage in spanish, and customer service in spanish too. Make sure to check out all the related information to their services and policies, so you find out what the best insurance plan for you is.

Just to let you know, here are some of the discounts they offer to their customers:

  • There is a special discounts for students who excel
  • Discount for mature drivers
  • The paperless discount
  • Vehicle service discount
  • The loyalty discount
  • Discount for homeowners
  • Multiple car discounts

And you can actually find a lot more than those. Their idea is to practically, give you a discount for everything. They know very well that the best way to grow as a company gaining the confidence of their clients.

And this is exactly what they will do, not for nothing they have the most competitive prices for insurance to high risk drivers.

Infinity insurance reviews

Many different clients have offered their reviews to the service and based in their opinions we made this part of the article. The truth is, people spots many deficiencies in the service, as expected.

It’s not perfect, they are the high risk insurance company that receives most complaints of all. And you can only find it on five states, this makes it a little limited for some users.

However, the number of complaints is to expect, given that they are an insurance company for high risk drivers. Infinity auto insurance has some details they could improve, but they also have many assets to consider.

For example, the ridiculous list of insurance products that they offer, given the fact they are a really big company. Their commitment and mission has proved to be one of the best, or else, they wouldn’t have lasted mora than 50 years in the market.

And don’t forget about the deals and discounts you get for the condition you are in, they will surely be really comprehensive. The regular rating average people give and the reviews you will find online will tell you it is an 8 out of 10.

Who is infinity insurance affiliated with?

We could say that infinity auto car insurance service is affiliated with the Kemper company, but that isn’t quite right. Actually, Infinity insurance was purchased by the Kemper Corporation in 2015, and it has worked under the Kemper’s supervision from then.

This is something that was actually beneficial for the infinity customers. Now that the company is in charge of the corporation, they have a lot more funds to nurture the project. The clients that were already hiring the service from Infinity didn’t report an abrupt change since then.

We can simply imagine the service wasn’t affected at all.

Is the full coverage car insurance worth?

We consider many factors, like ease to fill the forms and seize the service, customer service, discounts, considerations. we can have a good judgement of the company. Also, the reviews from the clients take part in this, we can give you some advice before buying, and the conclusions we reach.

If you actually know what the insurance plan is the best suited for you, you will be happy with your insurance. Normally, when we buy an insurance, we want it to cover absolutely everything.

Infinity offers different plans, and following the plans, this could be your case or not. But in general, the company offers good coverage:

  • Coverage for medical expenses, harm or any damage taken during an accident.
  • Coverage for motorists in medical expenses and damage taken.
  • Complete coverage for collisions
  • Coverage for unexpected events, like vandalism, steal, or weather conditions.

What is the grace period for Infinity Insurance?

They clearly state their grace period of 15 days, if you don’t pay, then they will resend the request to you 15 day later. For different cases or exceptions, you should consult the Infinity auto car insurance support.

Is Kemper the same as Infinity Insurance?

It’s not exactly the same, for starters, Kemper is a corporation, while infinity insurance is a company. Kemper owns Infinity since 2015, but they don’t have much in common as enterprise.

Auto Insurance Infinity – Phone and Quote

Infinity Insurance offers a wide variety of services including life insurance, auto insurance, short and long-term retirement funds, travel insurance, professional disability insurance, special risks, health, educational funds, international bank account opening, export credit, cargo, errors, and container insurance.

Who owns the insurance company? Is it Kemper’s, is it possible to have the insurance number, if you want full coverage, do you know what you are covered for? And if after buying the insurance you want to cancel it, do you know how to do it?

Well, all these doubts can be solved with the information you will read below:

Services offered by infinity insurance

Infinity insurance offers a variety of insurances, all of them reported on its website in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, for example:

  1. Health insurance: It offers group and individual health insurance. All of them with international medical coverage. These are plans provided by companies such as BMI, BUPA, Best Doctors, Vumi, and IMG.

These companies provide medical coverage up to age 90. Medical coverage is unlimited for $1 million, $5 million, and $10 million.


Includes medical insurance with coverage for maternity, in extreme situations, organ transplants, consultations, and repatriation of mortal remains.

  1. Travel insurance; provides coverage for 100% of hospitalization expenses, the services of a doctor outside the hospital, or a specialist doctor.
  • 1st – Coverage for prescription drugs.
  • 2nd.- Coverage for ambulance expenses.
  • 3rd – Coverage for evacuation expenses.
  • 4th.- Coverage for accompaniment.
  • 5th – Coverage for the return trip to the country of origin.
  • 6th – Coverage for medical expenses for sports activities.
  • 7th – Coverage up to $2500 for chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatment expenses.
  • 8th – Coverage up to $2500 for chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatment expenses.
  • 9th – Coverage up to $300 for temporary palliative dentistry expenses.
  • 10th.- Coverage up to $300 per day or up to $6000 for lodging, food, and transportation for you as the insured if due to acute injury or illness you are unable to continue your trip. Coverage is extended to persons accompanying you.
  1. Occupational Disability Insurance: Provides monthly indemnity in accordance with the terms provided in the plan.
  2. Total indemnity when the time provided for in the plan is fulfilled, deducting the advance payment.
  3. You get back 50 or 100% of what you paid when 10 or 20 years of the plan have elapsed.
  4. Educational funds: You get back 50 or 100% of what you paid when 10 or 20 years of the plan have elapsed.
  5. Educational funds: Offers you an educational plan built by Premier Trust according to your needs and capabilities.
  6. Short and long-term retirement funds: These are plans offered by Investors Trust Assurance SPC and Premier Trust for preserving and building your financial independence.

Is Infinity Insurance owned by Kemper?

  • You want to know Is Infinity Insurance owned by Kemper, well Kemper Copr acquired Birmingham-based Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
  • This acquisition was made in stock valued at $1.4 million and in cash.

Infinite insurance number (800) 782-2040

If you are wondering Can I have the infinity insurance number because you need to contact the company, you can do so in these ways:

  • has an online chat.
  • You can also reach us by phone at (800) 782-2040.
  • If you prefer, you can write an email to [email protected]
  • Instead of writing an email you can write your message and mail it to PO Box 830189, Birmingham AL 35283.
  • If you want to send a FAX you can also send it to the Infinity auto fa number at (205) 803-8080.

What does Infinity full coverage cover?   

Do you know what Infinity’s full coverage covers?, well first of all you should know that it is considered the largest non-standard insurer in the United States:

  • It offers you coverage as a high-risk driver when other insurers will mostly not cover you as a driver with bad credit, poor driving record, or an SR-22.
  • Offers policies at companies such as State Farm or Nationwide.
  • It offers you decent classic car insurance intended for you if you are a driver looking for insurance for your classic or antique car.
  • Infinity’s comprehensive coverage works as an extension of collision coverage, as it actually combines comprehensive insurance with liability insurance and collision insurance.
  • Then thanks to liability insurance it will cover you for the costs of repairs and injuries to the other party in an accident in which you are at fault.
  • Collision insurance covers you for damage to your vehicle in a collision if you are at fault, but it will not cover the other party or their vehicle or any injuries they may have sustained.
  • Collision insurance covers you for damages to your vehicle in a collision if you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance will cover you for damage to your vehicle when it was not caused by a collision but by theft, weather, fire, and weather.
  • There are therefore three types of insurance in one complete package, but everything will depend on the policy limit and deductible amount that you decide.
  • You can also choose additional coverages such as gap insurance, underinsured motorist, or uninsured motorist.
  • Please note that the more coverages you choose, the higher the total cost of your insurance policy.
  • However, insurance costs have many variables that include your age, your location, your driving record, your deductible, the type of policy you choose, and the policy limit.

How do I cancel my Infinity insurance?

  • If, after having searched for an insurance company that offers you coverage according to your needs and budget, you suddenly wonder How do I cancel my Infinity insurance? there is an easy way by contacting customer service.
  • To cancel your Infinity insurance policy,
  • You can contact customer service.
  • To cancel your insurance you should call: 1-800-463-4647, but before canceling, you should always make sure you have taken out another insurance policy to avoid the jump in premiums.
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