The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the company on charge of regulating and applying measures on everyone’s income. And not only that, but also they assure that we are secure and make our transactions being completely sure. That’s why everyone should have the IRS phone number.

More about the IRS:

Also, they offer good assistance to all of the people who pay taxes, all of us, and they will be monitored for the IRS. The number of the IRS can be used whenever you have a problem relating to taxes, and solve your doubts.

This institution is so important, is the one in charge of providing different information to all taxpayers. They also make sure that the state receives the amount of money it needs to manage the country out of taxes.

Having a healthy and good relationship with the IRS is important for any company, and any company owner must know the IRS and its functions. All of the legal companies must be registered in the IRS and they will have to contact the IRS to know their taxes bills and so on.

Sometimes there are many doubts or things that owners don’t know, and that’s why the IRS has a special customer service line.

How do I contact IRS customer service?

All you have to do is to call the IRS customer service line, an IRS phone number that is provided to all clients in this cases. You can also get into the official IRS webpage and look for the information.

You can see the numbers here:

How to have a useful communication with the IRS?

Studying the IRS rules and the laws that they apply can save you a lot of calls to customer service. Or even more important than that, it may save you a lot of time and a problem with the IRS.

You are welcome to call to the line in their working schedule: From 7 A.M to 7 P.M Monday to Friday. They will first get you in contact with a digitalized operator to see what your problem is, and how urgent.

Basing on that they will put you in a waiting list, until you reach with the customer service you need. There is more than simply one IRS customer service number, and each of them is dedicated to one specific problem.

You should have a look at the list of official numbers in the IRS before calling ot any of them, find them easily on google.

What phone number is 800 829 0922?

This number is one of the special lines of the IRS, specifically the one dedicated to balance due questions. Which should be called in case that you don’t receive the letter from the IRS for access, or have any problem with your payment plan.

If any of this is your case, you should call the IRS phone number right away and this the best line to do so. The thing is that in the IRS they have a specialized professional to answer your questions on specific problems.

How do I contact the IRS?

All federal tax questions, including federal employer identification numbers, should be directed to the Internal Revenue Service. Call 1-800-829-1040.

Call the phone number or toll free number (01800) of the government entity IRS (Internal Revenue Service), for technical support, IRS has other channels in case you can not communicate with the customer service line, below are also links to social networks and IRS website. There you can also find phone numbers, address, service centers, technical assistance and other information about the company.

The IRS or also known as the Internal Revenue Service or Internal Revenue Service of the United States, is the federal entity of the United States Government in charge of tax collection and enforcement of tax laws.

IRS Callcenter United States (800) 829-1040
Customer service operators are available every day to address all of your requests and concerns. In order to obtain information about the IRS, you can access:

Why you should know the right IRS lines to call?

Calling to the appropriate operator of the IRS can save you a lot of time to find the right person to help you. You will also save much time to the personal on the IRS answering calls from all the companies in the country.

Many people don’t like to call to the IRS because they think that IRS lines don’t work correctly. It’s true that they are slow in the process of answering and actually helping to resolve one person’s problem. The thing is that is so many people at the same time.

And if the customers don’t know the correct line they should be calling to it becomes a real mess redirecting one customer to other.

How do you talk to a real person at the IRS about stimulus check?

Nowadays the quarantine situation due to coronavirus is something that is difficult to all of us. Many companies and businesses have been deeply affected with this situation, and there is something called “stimulus check”.

The stimulus or economic impact check is a special check given to those businesses that were affected by the quarantine. Of course, economically speaking, just a measure to help owners a little.

How is the IRS working on the stimulus check?

This measure has its advantages and disadvantages, but is considered to be necessary in these times.

However, remember that there is an immense amount of people asking about this at the same time. So it’s not easy for the people in the IRS to answer all of the people at once, which makes it a little difficult.

Personally, I don’t think that is so good to speak about this over the phone. The situation of the stimulus check is different to all companies. The best you can do for this is to directly go to the IRS office and ask for help.

The reason is simple, it’s better to have communication person to person. It’s not the best to use the IRS phone number.

How do I reach a real living person at the IRS?

The best you can do to reach a real person instead of an automatized operator is to go to the IRS office personally. The only thing is that if they ask around for documents that you don’t have you will have to go away and come back.

This is the bad part that may slow down the process, but is necessary. Remember that depending on what part of the country you are it may function different. Once again, something that we recommend anyone to do is to consult the official IRS website.

There you can find lots of information relating this topic.

You can also contact with the Taxpayer Advocate Service. This is an organization that is not related to the IRS. But they can help you with tax problems and have a great knowledge about the matter.

Which means that they asking them about your problem can be very helpful in most of situations. Remember that they are an independent organization from the IRS, so they can’t directly solve your problems.

IRS Phone Number In Spanish

This guide is designed for all those people who have tried to dial the IRS and have not been able to speak with a person, only with an answering machine, who does not tell them anything and only keeps them going around typing numbers without being able to speak to a representative.

IRS Phone in Spanish +1 (800) 829-1040

We recommend that you read this guide before dialing and spending 50 minutes of your life on the line without getting anything but wasting your time …

IRS Phone in Spanish

Obviously when you dial the IRS it is because you need to speak with a representative but the IRS makes it very difficult for you to communicate with them. EVEN WORSE, when you manage to contact a representative after 40 min that they kept you on the line, he tells you that he cannot help you that you need to mark the correct option !!!

That is why here you can find the most efficient way in which you can communicate with a real person, who can attend to your problem without having to make calls that take up your time.

Depending on your need, we recommend you read the entire article, but if you want to jump to your particular question then click on the following menu so that you go straight to the point.

Important note : Normally the waiting times when calling the IRS are usually 20 min to 40 min, so we recommend that you have a good book, a coffee, a donut on hand…. If you want to boil the beans while you wait, it would be an excellent recommendation 😉

Where is my refund?

Before calling the IRS to ask about the status of a refund for the current year, we recommend that you first enter the following link where is my refund in Spanish to  check the status of your refund.

If you do not get any information, first make sure you have entered your information correctly, such as the TAX ID (it can be SSN or ITIN (Of the person who has worked), marital status (single, married, married filing separate, head of family or widower ) and the value of the refund.

It is important to note that if only one of the people worked (speaking of married couples) they will have to put the SSN of the person who worked, or if both worked, it is most likely that they will have to put the SSN or ITIN of the person who have higher income.

If you file your return electronically, it can take 24 to 48 hours for a report on the status of your refund to appear, if I file it on paper it can take up to 21 days before I can have a report online, if I send it on paper along with an ITIN renewal can take 6 to 10 weeks to see a report.

If when verifying your information you get the following message: “You may not have entered your correct information. Please verify your personal data and try again ”it is because you have entered something wrong, or if you are sure that you entered all your information correctly it is important that you verify with your tax preparer if your taxes have already been accepted electronically by the IRS, because Until the IRS accepts them, you will not be able to see the status of your refund either.

Sometimes the IRS takes more time than we are used to to review some returns or they need some additional supports, which we must send to continue the process of our refund, normally we must receive a letter from the IRS requesting the pending information.

The link to check the status of your refund only applies for tax filings for the current year, this year we are presenting 2018, this same information can be verified by phone by calling the IRS at the following phone number:

+1 (800) -829-1040

  • Check Option 2 for Spanish
  • Then Mark Option 1 for refund, check 1040 status
  • By ú last Mark Option 1 Refund

You should have the following documents on hand :

  • Your social security number or your ITIN number.
  • Marital status reported in your Taxes (Single, Married filing together or separately, Head of Household or)
  • Expected refund value
  • Copy of tax filing

In case you are not sure what your marital status or your refund is, you can verify it in your tax presentation as shown in the following image in the red box:

As we can see in the image, the person is filing his taxes as married, filled separately, when he presents as single the X must be in single, married filled together the X must be in Married filing jointly, head of household must be marked with an X in Head of Household or if he is a widower he will have an X in Qualifying widow (er).

Where can you see the value of your refund?

On your 1040 form, line 20 shows the value of your refund, in the following image you can see it in the red box:

The call center hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, sometimes it can take up to 40 minutes to be answered, so when you go to call the IRS you must have at least one hour free.

Refund of an Amendment

If I submit an amendment to your initial return, you can also check the status of the refund online at this link Where is my Refund of my amendment and you must submit the information required there as shown in the following image:

In case you prefer to call, you can consult a refund of an amendment of your taxes by dialing 1 (800) 829-1040 selecting the following options:

Option 2 for Spanish

Then Option 1 for refund, check 1040 status

Then Option 2 Amendments

And it also requires the following information in order to obtain the information on the status of your amendment:

  • Your social security number or your ITIN number
  • Zip Code
  • Date of birth

Preferably have a copy of the amended return

Follow-up for ITINs or refunds from previous years?

On the other hand, if you renewed your ITIN number or filed Taxes from previous years and more than 6 weeks have passed and you have not received news of your renewal or you have not received any letter requesting any additional information, you can call the IRS at the following phone number:

+1 (800) -829-1040

Check Option  2  for Spanish

Then option  2  Answers about taxes, publications, personal income, reform law, AGI, tax transcripts.

Finally option  3  Questions tax reform law or how to verify a paycheck calculating your income tax withholding.

Remember to have the following documents on hand:

  • Your social security number or your ITIN number
  • Date of birth
  • Residence address
  • If you have changed your address in recent years, you should also know your previous residence address.
  • Copy of taxes filed

The above options are not specifically for this purpose, but it is the fastest menu to be able to contact an IRS advisor and obtain information from your ITIN or previous years’ returns, remember that the waiting time can also be 30 to 50 minutes .

Other Reasons to Contact the IRS?

Likewise, if you have any other difficulties, you can use the itin renewal monitoring menu or for any other question in which you need to speak with a representative.

In our experience, the ITINs department is the most accessible and the one that shows the most effort when trying to help people with their doubts and communicate to the correct departments.

We suggest that you use this guide to help you call the IRS more efficiently.

How to contact IRS via phone?

What are the best days and hours to contact IRS?

The IRS is open Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

The best time to contact the IRS is during the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

How long does it take to speak with a live IRS agent?

The IRS is a government agency that is responsible for collecting taxes and enforcing tax laws. The IRS has a customer service department that is available to help taxpayers with their tax questions.

It takes about 24 hours for a taxpayer to speak with an IRS agent on the phone. There are also other ways of contacting the IRS, such as sending an email, or submitting a question on their website.

Is it possible to reach a live IRS agent?

It is possible to reach a live IRS agent, but the wait time is long. The IRS has a service called the Taxpayer Assistance Center, where people can call and speak to an agent. However, the wait time is typically over an hour.

For those who need to speak with an agent, there are some options that are more convenient than waiting on the phone for an hour. For example, one can go into a local IRS office or send in a written request for help via email.

What is the average wait time for an IRS phone call?

The average wait time for an IRS phone call is 30 minutes.

The IRS has a service called the “IRS2Go” app that allows taxpayers to do their taxes on their mobile device. This app is free to download and use and it includes a number of features such as:

  • Tax estimator
  • Forms and publications
  • Tools for tax law research
  • IRS news, employee blogs, and more.

Which of these numbers should I call if I need to speak with an IRS agent right away?

You should call the IRS’s main customer service number at 800-829-1040.

If you need to speak with an IRS agent right away, you should call the IRS’s main customer service number. You can also talk to a live person by calling 800-829-1040 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What phone number is 800 829 8374?

This is a question that I have been asked on many occasions and I always find it difficult to answer. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the need to dial our number, so I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

Is there a 24 hour number for the IRS?

The IRS is responsible for assessing and collecting taxes. This agency provides a variety of services such as answering tax questions, processing returns and refunds, and enforcing collections. The IRS offers a variety of services, including:

What is the 800 phone number for the IRS?

The IRS has an 800-number for taxpayers to call if they have questions about their taxes. They also offer a variety of online resources and publications.


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