If you want to help people learn then start a tutoring business, it will bring you a lot of satisfaction as the people advance and also generate an income for you.

Who is Your Customer

What your customer, specific to this business needs:

The student or client for your business is going to require that he/she achieves a good understanding of the subject material so that they can advance. They will have to see the subject as simple and easy to learn and understand, requiring that you break it down so that they can absorb it easily. Each student will have his/her own way of learning, therefore approach has to be thorough so as to reach each student. Because they are paying for your time, they will have to see real advancement and that will be your responsibility to provide.It Is Easy To Start a Tutoring Business

What is needed to start a tutoring business

Most important for tutoring is to have a positive attitude and a sincere interest in the subject matter so that your enthusiasm transfers to the student and helps to raise their confidence. Often the student that requires tutoring has had difficulties with the subject and has lost his/her confidence.

It is preferable that you have good knowledge as to the concepts you will be teaching, you may have to take some courses at the local college to brush up on your skills. There are many online resources for most courses in school, there are even actual lessons in many courses, perhaps you will review those in advance of wanting to teach. Being hesitant when explaining a concept to your student will inspire doubt and destroy the learning attitude.

Daily Routine for your Business

  • Prepare lessons and refresh knowledge
  • Report to parents as to progress(by phone or letter)
  • Flyers and business cards
  • Update records for each student
  • Visit schools and colleges

Equipment and Other Items Needed

These are essential to your business and well worth the time and energy required to complete them.

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Bookkeeping System
  • Appropriate Licensing
  • Tax Department Licensing.
  • Flyers and Business Cards

Specific to this business:

  • Education in your chosen area
  • Detailed instruction manual for the course(s) you teach
  • Record keeping system to show the progress of each student
  • Computer and software for record keeping and also research on your subject
  • An office of area of your home for teaching
  • Curriculum and exams for each subject
  • Copies of manuals and textbooks being used by students
  • Access to a photocopier
  • Pens, pencils, paper etc as required
  • Membership in related tutoring associations

Sources of Financing

It may well be that your small business is going to need more financial resources than you have at this time and that you are going to require outside financing. You also may want to lease equipment or to factor your accounts receivable. You may want to learn about small business loans or you may wish to find suitable business credit cards.



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