Buying liquidation pallets is one of the best businesses you can do, it is quite exciting and really easy to enter this business. However, how do I find liquidation pallets near me?

This is a market with many people in it, and finding good deals requires some homework and experience.

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What are liquidation pallets?

Here you will learn how to get into the business of liquidation pallets. If you already know how you run your own business of buying liquidation pallets this article is useful for you either way.

Because we will also give you some practical tricks and tips to get the best wholesale liquidation pallets.

How to buy liquidation pallets and actually have profit from it

There are a couple of things you will want to know before buying liquidation pallets:

  • Where did the liquidation pallets come from? You will always want to know where those products are coming from. Because some liquidators buy pallets from other people, to sell to you, and the more the pallets resell the higher the price for you. So, you want to spot where is the starting point for those pallets and buy them.
  • Are the liquidators cherry-picking? You will want to know what is the process of the liquidators to build those pallets. Because sometimes they do what is called “cherry-picking”. Cherry-picking is when the liquidators take all of the valuable items from pallets and then resell them to you. Of course, you don’t want that.
  • How to get a good deal? Essentially, the greater your experience, the higher your chance of getting good deals. Things like business relationships, friends, and experience become extremely important in this field. Find those reliable, comfortable, and responsible liquidators to work with you and stay there.

Where do you find liquidation pallets?

I’m pretty sure by typing “liquidation pallets near me on sale” on google will be enough for you. There are liquidators all around the country, you can go and buy for yourself. Or if you prefer, you can also buy pallets online, even from Amazon!

What are the best liquidation pallets to buy?

Finding a provider is hard, but not impossible, you can surely find high-quality liquidators around your zone. However, here are some of the best online sites to buy pallets from that you can try and see how it goes:

  • Mid Tenn
  • Bulq
  • Quicklotz
  • Continental Wholesale

How does business with liquidation pallets work?

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Ok, so now you have your liquidator, you know the information, got great contacts, and you are ready to buy your first pallet! Buying pallets is pretty much a stake, that stake can be more or less risky, depending on your liquidator choice.

You will receive your pallet full of random items that you hope you can sell quickly and get a profit from that. Of course, you will need to investigate your items and know exactly what you can sell them for.

The reason why is a stake is that it usually all comes completely covered, so it is supposed that no one knows what is inside. However, depending on the liquidator, you have an approximation of the things that could be inside, and that could make you wonder:

What is inside of the liquidator pallets?

Normally, are used items that people disposed of, or new products rejected because they present a minimal fabric issue, or they were never reclaimed. This could be appliances, electronic devices, tools, clothing, pretty much anything. But there will always be a hint to make an idea of what is inside.

Are liquidation pallets worth it?

There are people that take buying liquidation pallets as a full-time job, and do this for a living. From that you already have an idea of how profitable it is, if people live out of this is because it does give you good money. Not a bad living for simply looking for liquidation pallets near me.

Are Amazon pallets the best on the market?

There is people who relies more on the Amazon pallets, simply because they are from a great company. But of course, you know that the articles inside are new products that simply weren’t reclaimed or were returned.

So they do have a standard, you can be really sure that the content of the pallets is not complete trash. And for someone looking for liquidation pallets on sale that is kind of an assurance that they will not lose money with the investment.

Also, one of the great problems of buying pallets is that you don’t always find a liquidation warehouse near. This means that you will have to pay for shipping, just if the warehouse offers shipping services.

But the shipping services offered by Amazon are simply the best, maybe they can even take you to your home for free. Those are the two reasons why many people prefer buying on Amazon, but it is surely not the only good option.

Where can I buy Amazon liquidation pallets?

There are many websites you can get them from, for starters Amazon itself, but everything is about looking for the best business. Probably you can find a better price on or

Where you can find the same kind of pallets, but from different liquidators. However, if you remember what we mentioned before about cherry picking, you may consider buying them directly on Amazon.

Where can I buy Amazon returns and how to do it?

The best place to buy Amazon returns is, obviously, Amazon. We recommend you have a look at the guide made by Amazon itself on how to buy Amazon returns.

How do I buy Amazon liquidation directly?

You can look for them online and buying them like any other product you buy on Amazon. But you can also go to the Amazon warehouse and buy it for yourself, you can even go with your car and take it, that way you don’t need to pay for the shipping services.

Walmart merchandise: where to buy pallets on clearance sale

Liquidation, overstock are just two of the reasons why you should know about Walmart merchandise pallets. Below you’re about to learn why it’s a good deal to buy liquidation merchandise pallets and then the Walmart pallets sale.

Advantages of buying pallets of merchandise from Walmart

While in earlier times, when you had a business you would think of buying merchandise in wholesale stores because you would find a better price buying wholesale, nowadays it is likely that in those wholesale stores you will find prices very close to what retail stores can offer you and therefore it is in your best interest to look for another alternative so that you can have a higher profit margin.

In this sense both Walmart, Lowes or Target have platforms where you can find products that customers return or products that exceed in stock, ie that the store has an excess of stock.

  • One of the main advantages of sourcing your business from these online suppliers is that you ensure that you are buying good-quality merchandise.
  • Also as they are large retail stores they need to liquidate as quickly as possible the merchandise returned by customers or those that cause them to overstock, they are not interested in reducing the cost, on the contrary, they put at your disposal an important variety of high-quality products that they place in the liquidation market at a cheap price.

How to buy Walmart merchandise pallets

Walmart places merchandise on clearance when it comes to seasonal products, as it needs to get rid of them when the season ended, in simple terms despite the physical breadth of the store it must remove those products to make room for others in its store.

When it is an overstock it means that the products were over-ordered, that is to say, that you could not have enough precision to know the number of units of that product that would be sold in a given period and it is for this reason that you find the store overcrowded with a product that you need to liquidate.

Walmart’s liquidations are handled by Direct Liquidation, an online liquidation marketplace where you can find a variety of high-quality products such as Halloween products, seasonal products, and overstocked electronics with brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and other top-tier brands.

Walmart merchandise pallet settlements

  • Go to the official Direct Liquidation website:
  • At the top you will find a drop-down menu where you will see several product categories for you to choose from to buy toys, fitness and outdoor products, sports, patio and garden products, clothing, footwear and accessories, electronics products, automotive products, etc.
  • No matter what Walmart is closing or if it is overstocked, when you browse the section you chose you will find the deals that are currently available or else the site will tell you that it currently has no auctions available for the product you chose.
  • When you found the product palette, set up the email alert so that you will be notified in your email and know the status of the auction.
  • You indicate the limit of what you want to pay and therefore you will enter your bid up to that limit.
  • You will then wait until you know if your bid was successful.
  • While a pallet of stock may have cleared at a price above your limit, you will find hundreds of surplus products and clearances every day and therefore you will be able to find similar products being auctioned in the same place.
  • However, it is important for you to know that you should not only deal with one auction because if you click on Buy Now, but you can also pay a fixed price for that lot you are interested in.
  • Assuming you were successful with your bid, you’ll pick up your pallet at one of Direct Liquidation’s distribution centers that are located near Walmart’s.
  • Anyhow, you’ll be able to pick up your pallet at one of Direct Liquidation’s distribution centers.
  • Instead of picking up the products yourself, you can choose to have Direct Liquidation’s logistics take care of the shipping, the cost of which you will know with the calculator provided with each lot, which may be cheaper compared to you picking up the products yourself.
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