Merrick bank is one of the greatest banks in the U.S, they offer one of the best banking opportunities for you. On Merrick Bank’s official website, you will find some of the opinions of their clients. None of them looks sad at all!

Merrick Bank’s clients feel compromised with the bank, and they state the attention received by them is simply amazing. If you want to know more about the Merrick Bank, we recommend you read the post until the end.

Benefits of the Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank is in the top 20 VISA cards providers of the country, it’s the perfect bank if you want to build or rebuild your credit. One of the most acclaimed of their services is credit cards.

They offer an invitation-only credit card with generous limits for the clients they consider qualifies for them. You can also get a decent credit card quickly if you have a good credit score of course. The management of the card is paperless and everything can be done online.

Merrick Bank credit cards count with:

  • Generous and flexible payment options
  • Alerts in the account for future events
  • Automatic report on your credit line
  • There are no chances of unauthorized useit

They will also provide you with free financial education, one of the most complete services on banking.

How to Get a Personal Loan from Merrick Bank?

Merrick Bank’s loans are some of the easiest to achieve. You only require to be at least 18 years old, Social security number, and a verifiable bank account in your name.

You can use the loans for anything you want. Although most people use it for debt consolidation or home expenses, you can use it for vacations as well. Merrick Bank’s loans maximum is 12.500$, of course, that will also depend on your financial score, but it could be even more. You can get the loan approved the next business day, and receive your funds the same day is approved.

Merrick Bank cards

Merrick Bank offers the Platinum VISA Credit Card with different credits, they are offering three different plans currently:

The Unsecured Line of Credit is the easiest to obtain, pretty much every client of the Merrick Bank is eligible for it. You count 7 months to do the minimum payment and maintain your account open. And you can access from computer or phone to check balance and other data. The initial lines count with 550$ to 1200$ of credit, but the double line counts with 2400$ on credit.

On the other hand, a Secured Line of Credit is a card that counts with more credit, but they have a few more requirements, you have two types:

The Classic secured VISA card needs a 200$ to 3000$ initial deposit, and it can increase with time. The Double Line Credit Card will double your credit for each deposit, for example, when a 200$ deposit is done your credit increases to 400$.

The Secure Line of Credit is intended for small businesses owners, or simply people that have high expenses monthly.

Merrick bank’s account service

Apart from the previously mentioned account management guides, you also get different services. For example, you get different offers of discounts and cashback in certain purchases with your credit card.

However, what the clients talk about the most are the facilities they offer to their clients to manage their accounts easily. For example, managing everything about your account from your phone with the app is extremely convenient.

They also count with something count the “FICO go score” which is an orientation for the Merrick Bank customers. It explains everything you need to know about the impact of your decisions on your FICO score and how to improve it.

This has resulted useful for all of their clients, and proves that Merrick reviews are true: they care about their clients.

How high is the credit limit for Merrick Bank?

Following the reviews and the information you find about the cards on the webpage, the maximum amount for credit is 3000$. If you need even more money you will need to request a personal loan. But don’t worry, personal loans are really quick, they can be approved the next day.

Does Merrick Bank increase the credit limit?

You can apply for an increase in your credit card’s limit once you have 6 months with your card. You will have to contact the bank, personally or through the page, and request your increase on the credit limit, which usually takes no more than 60 days.

Remember, to be eligible for these increases you will need to keep your financial score polished. However, getting your credit limit raised is not difficult at all following the client’s opinions.

When is this bank existing from?

The bank was founded in 1997 in New York as a subsidiary, it’s not a regular banking institution. It offers no checking or savings accounts to its clients, their service is oriented to offer loans, and credit cards to people with a low financial score.

How much time will it take until I get my card by mail?

The process to send your data and make the formal request is fast. But it can take up to six weeks for your card to arrive in the mail while they process your request. Many clients have complained about the time. But is not easy to issue citizens with low financial scores with VISA cards, which is something to understand.

Where is Merrick bank located?

The main Merrick Bank headquarters is located in South Jordan Utah, they count with a customer service office. However, you can also find family companies and offices all across the country, for example in New York.

If you want to contact Merrick Bank and open an account, you should go to the official website to the “contact us” article. There you will find all the information, phone numbers, and addresses.


Telephone numbers Merrick bank – Customer service

If you have taken out your card at Merrick bank en español or if you still haven’t taken it out and you don’t know what it is you should keep reading because below you will receive all the information you are looking for with its phone number and much more…

How to contact Merrick bank number phone?

If you need to contact Merrick bank in Spanish number phone, you will be answered by a customer service advisor in Spanish if you call 1-800-204-5936.

But if you need to contact customer service about certificates of deposit you should call (866) 638-6851.

If your question has to do with direct personal loans, then you should call (516) 576-8618.

If you need to make a payment or for personal loan inquiries, you should call (833) 842-7900.

For billing inquiries, you may call (800) 253-4563 and (800) 204-5936 if you are hearing impaired.

If you wish to contact the legal department, please call (800) 328-9156.

How to contact Merrick bank phone?

You need Merrick bank phone, because you have 1-800-204-5936 to make a payment in an easy, fast and secure way or 1-800-253-4563 TTY/TDD where you will be attended by an automated system or an agent will process your payment with your debit card, savings account or checking account.

On the other hand, you can download the free Merrick Bank Mobile App for your cell phone with Android operating system from with which from your Smartphone you can view your payments, check your account balances and many other features so you can get information about your credit score by monitoring your FICO without having to contact us by phone.

But if you have an iPhone you can also download the free Merrick Bank Mobile App from so you can manage with the same qualities of the Android App.

Remember that regardless of whether you download the App for Android or iOS you will start using it with the information that you log in to the cardholder center online and if you are not yet enrolled in the cardholder center, it does not matter because when you download the app you can sign up and use it to enjoy all its features either to schedule payments, manage alerts and settings and view payment history with the security provided by Merrick Bank thanks to the technology that applies encrypted mobile banking data recognition and device recognition.

What is Merrick bank in Spanish?

Merrick bank en español is the entity that is authorized to issue MasterCard and Visa cards in addition to providing different types of financing for e.g. boat, horse and marine trailer dealers.

But their specialty is the credit program for consumers who need to establish or rebuild their credit rating because they offer financial education, purchase alternative loans, recreational loans. Plus you can access your account at any time of the day by using Cardholder center of Merrick Back.


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