Before entering the restaurant business, it is usually advisable to hire a reliable restaurant consultancy services which offer personalized advice and insight into the proposed project. The consultancy services are known to offer their advice on various issues ranging from concept development to financial information systems and interior design as well.

While selecting the right consultancy services for your restaurant, it is highly advisable to locate more than one consultant similar which is similar to receiving quotes on products. In order to select the final choice, ask for a written proposal for the project from the selected consultants and then make the final choice depending upon the budget constraints and other factors.

Basically restaurant consultancy services help the business to grow by implementing the three tier programme which consists of research, development and implementation. All the three steps are to be followed in accordance of their order as overlooking either one of them can harm the growth of the business.

The research phase includes a written business plan along with site selection review and a competition profiling. The consultant should also focus on the layout and designs along with major emphasis on the development of the brand.

The development phase can be carried on with the help of human resource development and operation manuals while also focussing on the vendor relationships and employee related systems.

The implementation process is carried after the research and development phases are carried out thoroughly. It includes of customer development, staff training and marketing tools.

How to Start and Opening a Bar

When opening a bar, several very crucial things must be kept in mind. It is very important to have a sound business plan which includes ensuring adequate finances and ample market research which will help you in scoping out the competition as well as working to make sure that you can run a successful establishment that caters to the requirements of your target customers.

The location of your bar needs to be chosen primarily based on the available funds. Also to be kept in mind is the accessibility of the location. One needs to take inputs from the appointed architect as well.

Ensuring that your finances are secured is extremely important. Make sure that the business plan is carefully drafted and presented to the banks/investors and discussed in detail with them in order to ensure secure finances.

It is essential that one consults a solicitor when planning on opening a bar. This is to ensure that no legal hassles arise. There are a lot of legal formalities that need to be completed in order to start any establishment specially a bar. One needs to apply for a liquor licence at the earliest. It is important to find a solicitor who is experienced in liquor licensing and well versed with the norms for its application in the state or region where you plan on opening your bar.

Once all the legal, financial and building formalities are completed one needs to look into the decor, the menus, and live entertainment. Also appointment of an accountant, bartenders, bouncers, service staff, etc needs to be made.

Small Scale Restaurants

Starting a small restaurant can be quite a task as it involves the same amount of hard work and time which will be needed to start any venture whether big or small. The process can be very tiresome and complicated but if the will is there then nothing is impossible.

Location, premises, ingredients, permits, licenses, dealing with suppliers and local vendors are some of the issues which have to be kept in mind while starting a small restaurant. As in case of any business venture, long working hours are needed apart from special culinary skills and a passion for cooking food which is a must if one needs to succeed in the food and beverage industry.

In case of a small restaurant business, the finances may be self managed as the banks might not be too enthusiastic about investing in a small business venture as the profit margin may not be too much.

The key issue while managing a small restaurant is the hygiene and cleanliness as health and safety inspections take place from time to time in various places. If any irregularity is found, the restaurant may be fined heavily and in some cases it might even be shut down.

There is not much planning to do while starting a small restaurant business as the entire layout, location, decor and the menu are very simple to manage. Just a dash of creativity and a sense of what might appeal to people is important.


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