To start a food business can be very gratifying in that you can choose the type of food(s) that you wish to prepare and market and you are able to design your own recipes through experimenting and develop a referral business based on your product and skill. Expansion possibilities are limitless.Start a Food Business

Daily Routine for your Business

  • Inspect and clean premises for food preparation
  • Review inventory and supplies
  • Marketing with Flyers and business cards
  • Daily Production

Who is Your Customer

What your customer, specific to this business needs:

A food business customer, of course, is going to want food that is presentable, fresh, tasty, and good enough to want to order it again. The client is going to want to be assured that quality is excellent, that the food is prepared in sterile premises by people practicing good hygiene.

The customer could be your neighbor, family or commercial interests that want to increase their business by featuring your home made products.

Sources of Business

Some Suggested Markets for your business:

Initially you will probably sell product to family and neighbors and as you get referrals from them for your delicious food, word will spread and orders will come from many sources. You will also want to contact local variety stores to market your product and then you may even want to go further afield to find major commercial buyers.

In order to market your product effectively, you will have to position yourself in the marketplace. You will have to decide on the product line that you will offer, and develop a means to present something that is better than what your competitors can provide.

Attractive packaging may be an important aspect to your clientele.

Buyers will require a reason to buy your product, so you will have to emphasize the benefits of your product compared to that of your competitors.

Essential To Start a Food Business

Equipment and Other Items Needed

These are essential to your business and well worth the time and energy required to complete them.

Specific to this business:

The food business is going to require that you have special recipes for your featured item, it may be best to collect those well in advance of starting production so that you can have an idea as to what supplies and quantities you will need on hand to start.

Appropriate pans and pots and thermometers

Food measuring tools

Sources of Financing

It may well be that your small business is going to need more financial resources than you have at this time and that you are going to require outside financing. You also may want to lease equipment or to factor your accounts receivable. You may want to learn about small business loans or you may wish to find suitable business credit cards.

Food Standards Agency – Safer food, better business

The Food Authority


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