The tax ID number is also called employer identification number (EIN). And it’s an important number with nine digits on it, that will identify our businesses. It works like a personal identification but for your business. Sometimes people have to execute tax ID number lookup operation.

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If this is your case don’t worry, losing or forgetting the EIN isn’t the end of the world, and is more common than what you think. It could also be that you accidentally tore apart your tax ID number, and need to change it then.

This number is the one representing your company in the Internal Service Revenue (IRS). Based on your company’s number of employees, size and other factors they will charge your taxes.

All of these operations are done with the tax ID number, and if you don’t have it, you will need to look for your business tax ID now!

How to find the EIN for a Company?

Making a state tax ID number lookup is easy, there are many ways to remember your EIN, here are some things that you might try out:

  • Look up your EIN in old documents or contracts that you may have done. Your tax ID number may be printed on different papers, like loan requests, tax invoices or bills.
  • You may look for other companies, like the Securities and exchange commissions (SEC). They will probably help you get your EIN.
  • As a last resort call the IRS and ask for your tax ID number and they will give it to you. However, you must know that the person calling the IRS must be authorized personal with high charge on your company. It’s even better you do it yourself (owner).

Why we need our Tax ID number?

Every time we are going to complete documents, fill out contracts or do pretty much anything with your company, you need EIN. This is the way that the state records all of our company’s movements and have them into account.

This will sum up to our future taxes, and of course, will give us more opportunities! If you actually don’t have a tax ID number and you have a company it could mean serious legal problems.

Also, your tax ID number will be necessary in case you want to open a business’ bank account. This is a massive advantage; it will also help you because you will be taken by the government institutions as an entrepreneur, which has benefits!

If you have employees, want to get business financing or loans, getting your business license, and be recognized as an entrepreneur you need it. The federal tax ID number lookup is something that can’t wait, is a requirement that you know it all the time.

Can you look up tax ID numbers?

Of course, tax ID numbers are indispensable, and there are times in which you need someone else’s tax ID number too. You can look them up in other companies, the IRS, and other institutions.

You can actually find your or other tax ID numbers online, or wherever you please it. If you can view a document from certain company, you can probably have their EIN reflected in there.

How to look for a tax ID number of other companies

There are various options:

  • Lookup for documents or fillings that the company may have done previously, and look for the tax ID number there.
  • Call the company’s secretary and ask them for the tax ID number, they should know it.
  • Search in the public Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), they have a website, but you can also visit their office. You will surely find a document with their EIN there
  • If the company, you need to know the EIN is a non-profit organization you can use the Melissa portal to locate their tax ID number.
  • Pay in the credit bureau to have access to their database, and find the company’s EIN. The problem is that it will cost you a fee.
  • Lend them this article’s URL so they can start their own business tax ID number lookup and find out!

More details:

Is a tax ID number public information?

Yes, the business’ information may be transparent and public to all of the citizens. Of course, not anyone needs your EIN, so not everyone should have interest on it. This is why is not illegal to look for someone else’s company tax ID number, but they should know you are looking for it.

This is why your first option to start an employer state ID number should always be asking them directly.

How to find your tax ID number online?

You can sure find your tax ID number online; we have already mentioned many ways to recover it from home. All you have to do is to visit databases with the businesses’ movements and documents.

Here you have a link to one of the most famous pages for business tax ID look up:

There you should be able to find someone’s EIN easily, if you know where to look for. This is even better than paying a fee to have access to the credit bureau database and look it up, although it’s still an option.

You should also visit the IRS official website to know more information about the federal tax ID number lookup. This way you can be sure, this is another option apart from calling directly the IRS.

You can also request your EIN by fax, but you will need to search how this process works. Remember that the IRS has a schedule, they work Monday to Friday from 7 A.M to 7 P.M.

Can I look up my EIN online?

As a conclusion, yes, you can make a quick tax ID number look up in five minutes and have your EIN back! Everything is becoming digital, especially in these times, so you can be sure: All of the processes and transactions that you need to do relating your business can be done online.

Nowadays, you can request loans online, small business financing online, and get you tax ID number online.


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