In TCF Bank near me, it is very easy to manage all that is related to your account with the safety and privacy you require and currently, this bank forms part of Huntington Private Bank which has all you need.

It is important to know what TCF Bank offers its clients. How to use its website and locate its offices throughout the country or what are its communication channels to carry out personal inquiries. These are just some of the information to which there are answers in the following article.

Services offered by TCF Bank

Counting on the support of the Huntington Group is a guarantee to enjoy the services of TCF Bank near me open. That’s why clients could dispose of essential services, loan options according to the request. Their services are the following:


Borrowing Investments Insurance
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Private Bank:

Your priorities
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Banking Borrowing Treasury management
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TCF Bank locator near me

There are many ways of finding a TCF Bank near me open now, just following some simple steps and using a few mechanisms:

To locate a branch

  • Enter the TCF Bank official page.
  • Look for the “FIND A BRANCH” button on the upper right part of the screen.
  • Now, in the following window you’d find the button “CURRENT LOCATION” and click there, write the zone you want and click on “GO”. You can filter the form of search by: “BRANCH”, “ATM”, “ENVELOPE FREE DEPOSIT”, “WEALTH SERVICES”, or “INSURANCE OFFICE”.
  • Then, the results will come up as a satellite map and on the left of the screen you’d see the contact numbers and the exact address.

From your current location:

  • Go to the official website.
  • The procedure is similar to the steps already said.
  • Well, before your detailed search, you have to click on “USE CURRENT LOCATION”, and click on “GO”.
  • Now, the results will be on the main screen.
  • With this form of search, you find the closest offices with the range in miles around in real time.

TCF Bank Telephone Number

If you ask: Can I have a direct contact with the TCF Bank near me phonenumber? The answer is yes, you can. You can have a detailed information of its services, schedules, near agency locations or to consult directly with an operator about your doubts.

“Customer’s attention”

Contact options with TCF Bank near me

There are other options to contact TCF Bank near me now, they are the following:

TCF Bank near me Branches

Current Branches
Illinois Indiana Michigan Minnesota
Ohio Florida Pennsylvania West Virginia

There is a TCF Bank near me with different hours to attend doubts, but remember that you will be attending only with a previous date. In every office there are different customer’s attention schedules and self-service management to make more comfortable the clients’ attention.

Automated wizard:

  • On the website locate the “ASK US” bottom in the lower right side of the scream.
  • After that, you will receive a message from the virtual assistant and in case he/she can’t answer your question, you will be redirected and another assistant will attend to you.

Social Networks

Social Networks are other important resources at the moment you need to be in contact and also to know which are TCF Banks near me now. Its social networks are:

TCF Bank near me in Jewel Osco

Another alternative is TCF Bank near me in Jewel Osco, this chain of supermarkets is located in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. Jewel Osco works together with TCF Bank in almost all of their 190 stores.

There, you can use their services any day you want, but you should consider each store’s working hours may vary.

How to open an account in TCF Bank near me?

If you want to open a current or savings account in TCF Bank and enjoy its benefits. There are different types of accounts that you can create easily on the web.

The current accounts are:

  • Asterisk-Free Checking
  • Huntington 5 Checking
  • Huntington 25 Checking

The way and the requirements to open current accounts online are the same. You only need a few minutes to have a TCF Bank near me. The only requirements are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have some kind of official identification.
  • Be a legal citizen.
  • Reside in South Dakota, Kentucky, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, West Virginia, Ohio or Wisconsin.

Now, the procedure of opening an account online is the following:

  • Enter the Hurtington website and click on “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” that’s on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Select any of the first options from left to right clicking on “APPLY NOW”.
  • Then, you specify if you are a client or not, and in case you are new; fill in the online form with your data and email address and click on “CONTINUE”.
  • Now, you have to give detailed information about your address, contacts, ID number and click on “CONTINUE”.
  • At this point, finish the process of register verification and it is the end.

Savings accounts

These are different from the current or checking accounts, because they generate interest according to the clients and their needs.

Following are the types of services that there are:

  • Huntington Premier Savings.
  • Huntington Relationship Savings.
  • Huntington Relationship Money Market Account.

The requirements to open any of the above savings accounts are the same:

  • Over 18 years old.
  • Legal citizen.
  • Official identification.
  • Live in one of these states: Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, West Virginia, Ohio, South Dakota, Kentucky, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois or Wisconsin.

To create an online saving account, the procedure to register and verify data is the following:

  • Enter the official TCF Bank website and click on the button “OPEN AN ACCOUNT”.
  • Select the function “SAVINGS ACCOUNT”, then, choose any of the first three options and click on “APPLY NOW”.
  • Then, if you are already a client, fill in the required data, but if you are new, fill in the form and click on “CONTINUE”.
  • After you give all the specific information, click on “CONTINUE”.
  • Now, finish the register verification procedure.



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