Uber Eats is one of the services Uber offers, they deliver food to people at home, is an easy job, right? However, as always, many people are having great experiences while others don’t so, who are we supposed to know is worth trying it out? Do you want to know how much is the Uber Eats driver pays? Keep reading!

Today, basing on people’s experiences and the pros and cons of working with Uber Eats we will tell you it is worth your try. Important: We are not trying to sell anything, this is an objective analysis of the Uber Eats job offer, make your own conclusions at the end.

Of course, you will also have to consider your living zone, that is a factor that matters in this case. If you are someone who has spare time wanting to make some extra money this article is meant for you.

How does Uber eat works?

People calls the Uber service to use them as a taxi, but also as a food deliverer. And that is when you take part of the action. Uber Eats does not count with any personal, they count with people with free time and a car.

You will register on their platform and apply for the job, where you will have to give simple information as your age, name, and others. You will also have to use an app called “checkr” which is used to check if your criminal record is clean or you have any law violations.

Supposing that you don’t, all you need to start delivering is: A car, a driving license, being at least 19 years old, 1 year of driving experience, and the time to deliver.

Once you are registered in the platform and you have been approved for the job, you will get different jobs. It’s important to know that you build your own schedule, which means you can refuse to take certain jobs, and work whenever you want.

What does exactly the driver do?

You will have to go to the store, pick up the food that the client ordered, and deliver it right in front of their houses. All of the payments are done through the Uber Eats app, and you get paid weekly.

However, if you want to cash your money faster you can collect it instantly with Instant Pay.

How much can you make with Uber Eats in a week?

According to essays of people who is working or has worked in Uber Eats the money you can make goes from 5$ an hour to 12$ an hour. Of course, you have to take into account the different situations of the people.

However, some people have stated that they can make up to 50$ an hour, in cities like New York.

There are many factors that have their impact, like tips, arriving on time, offering good customer service, and others. It will also depend on if you are willing to work every day full time or you just want to make a few dollars.

Experiences of different people in Uber Eats

The obvious opinion in different pages and forums like Reddit of Facebook is the same: The majority thinks that it was wonderful at the beginning, but then, the jobs and orders started to lack in their Uber Eats dashboard, which made their earnings bad

Many people think that they give the best jobs to the new people so they hook them, and then, there is not that much flow of work. Of course, these opinions are not something you should really hang onto, but sure they are a factor.

Now we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about working at Uber eats:

How much does Uber Eats pay per mile?

So, how much is the Uber Eats driver pay? Uber Eats does not pay per mile; they pay for orders of the customer. The payment is divided into pick-up fee (you taking the food) and drop-off fee (you delivering the food to the client).

Which is fantastic, if you can’t deliver the order, or the customer is not in the place he is, you will be paid anyway. Imagine picking up an order and going to the place and realizing the customer does not want the food anymore, is it wasted time now? No, you get paid anyway.

How much do Uber Eats pay per delivery?

It can depend on how much food you are delivering, how fast you deliver it, and how far you have to go to deliver the food. And there is also another factor: Tips! You can get tipped for any amount of money the client offers, so you better make sure you offer a good service.

Can you make good money with Uber Eats?

Depends on how much time you are willing to invest, and how good you do your job, and this apply in any other job. Supposing you work 8 hours a day and make around 9$ per hour + tips you can probably make 620 to 700$ in a week, more would be really optimistic.

How is Uber Eat’s pay calculated?

The payments are composed of something called “base fare” and tips. Base fare includes the pick-up fee, the drop-off fee, and the distance you have to ride. Also, there are promotions, which means if you arrive earlier than expected you get kind of like a “bonus”.

Can you make 1000 a week with Uber Eats?

Of course, there is a factor that applies in all of the jobs and is the determination and how dedicated you are to your job. There are people making more than 1000$ with Uber Eats and is definitely possible.

Things like the experience, the dedication, and other factors sum up in your earnings. So, if you are someone with the discipline and determination to do it, sure you can make that much money, but requires real effort.

More about UBER:uber.com/us/en/deliver/» target=»_blank» rel=»noopener»> https://www.uber.com/us/en/deliver/


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