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Business Idea Pet Odor Removal

This is a business idea helping pet owners with a very frustrating and hard to eliminate problem.

Sick or untrained pets can urinate on carpets and for some pet owners urine can be something that they must deal with on a daily basis.

Most people don’t know how to properly clean urine from a floor, wall, carpet, or upholstery.

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After deep cleaning, some people just can’t get the smell out of their home. Either way, it’s awful.

pet-odor-removalHowever, become a pet odor buster and you will have the solution!

You can use chemicals or a machine such as an Ozone Making Machine to treat pet odor problems.

You might need different products for different materials. Using either the machine approach or the chemical, you should practice first at home.

To research chemicals and removal methods, you will need to get in contact with a good company that sells cleaning products and supplies and talk to them about products that remove the terrible odor of urine.

I also list some great resources at the bottom of this page that will help you with research for this business idea.

There are some great ebooks on how to make your own solutions for urine clean up and how to become an expert on pet urine removal and behavior.

Pet urine mishaps can be a serious problem that requires removal as soon as possible, before the resulting odor gets worse with time.

Especially when the urine is from an animal, this will require not just cleaning, but also cleaning agents that will neutralize the salts that originated from the animal urine.

Some people go as far as replacing flooring and walls to remove the resulting odor.

This can be a much more expensive way to take care of a problem that you should be able to solve for them for much less money.

Be sure to research carefully and test and practice at home and for friends before offering your services professionally.

Some materials can be tricky to remove urine from because the material may not react well to a deep cleaning.

Because of this, you will need to be very careful testing the chemicals on a small area to see how the materials react to the cleaning process. You don’t want to eliminate the odor and leave a big spot behind.

This business idea is an excellent service to offer and advertise in pet stores.

See if you can leave your information on an information board, if they have one in their store. If the pet store doesn’t offer an area to leave your information, then maybe try to leave small flyers or business cards on windshields in their parking lot.

Another place to leave your information might be at pet grooming facilities in your area, and with local veterinarians.

Make friends with these businesses and offer a certain percentage of the first cleaning each time they refer a new customer to you.

Carpet cleaners may also be interested in your services.

Not all carpet cleaners have the specialized skills needed to remove these types of odors and stains so you could contact them with your information and they would know who to call when they have a tough odor or spot to deal with.

Remember, there are many people that prefer using green (natural or organic) products.

This is one of those small business ideas that you can greatly improve the appeal of by offering more green solutions to this problem.

Blasting with ozone using an ozone machine is probably the most effective and eco-friendly way to remove pet odors along with mold, mildew and viruses.

You can learn more about this process and the cost of an ozone machine atΒ But no matter which options you choose you will need to know your business well and be able to explain your processes to these concerned customers.

This is a home based business idea that provides a great money making opportunity.

You can easily make $50.00 per hour with this idea as you get more proficient and quicker at pet odor removal. And your only investments will be chemicals and/or an ozone machine. You will also need reliable transportation and it would be beneficial to advertise on your car.

Make sure to have business cards and flyers with you at all times, you never know when an opportunity will turn up for business.

And of course if you provide excellent service and eliminate this very pesky problem for pet owners you will receive plenty of word of mouth referrals too, the best kind of advertising to get!




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