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How Much a Marine Biologist Earns in the United States

¿How much does a marine biologist make in the United States?? The salary of a marine biologist In the United States it is $ 4,332 per month, but there are also sources that show that his salary was in a range that goes from $ 24,166 to $ 71,561 for the year 2018, let’s see more information about it later …

If you like life in the water and are somehow attracted to a profession that is related to the study of marine life, then the profession of marine biologist may be your vocation, but like any scientific career, it requires a lot of study and Being a professional in this field, you also deserve an economic remuneration that we are going to see next …

How much does a marine biologist charge?

The first thing to consider in how marine biologists are paid is experience, because if you are an undergraduate who is practicing in a laboratory, consider that you would be doing volunteer work as a researcher, so you would not necessarily receive a salary , but if it would help you to gain experience for future jobs in that field.

Another factor is the type of ability that this professional has, because if we talk about the salary of a marine biologist With research skills, they can earn an average of $ 62,919 per year, while marine biologists with skills in caring for animals have a salary that ranges from $ 61,935 per year.

On the other hand the marine biologist salary With skills in molecular biology, you can earn $ 61,500 a year, although we must not forget that the higher your level of experience practicing this profession, in the same way the salary can increase.

Another variable is how you perform as a marine biology professional, because if what you do is practice as a university professor, then we can refer to your salary of $ 70,000 a year, taking into account that for this you need to have a PHD degree.

Finally, in terms of salaries for marine biologists, you must consider who the employer is, but also what is the locality in which they are performing their duties, below is a list of the states with the highest salaries per month for the profession of marine biologist:

  • New York: $ 6,034.
  • Massachusetts: $ 5,9087.
  • New Hampshire: $ 5,874.
  • Nebraska: $ 5,531.

What does a marine biologist do

The functions of marine biologists are directed to the exploration and investigation of various organisms, whether an animal or plant organism, that inhabit salt water, which also includes observing and evaluating the health status of a given environment.

To determine whether it is necessary to take certain actions to restore a natural environment inhabited by lives that are usually found in water, many times they need to apply mathematical knowledge to solve problems that may be occurring in a natural marine environment.

These professionals from the Marine biologyThey must also be good at writing, since there are times when it is necessary to document the new discoveries found in the investigations carried out, taking into account that their work is carried out based on scientific methodology.

These tasks may include observation and analysis of the information collected with aquatic life forms, but are not limited to the recovery of animals from the water that have suffered some type of injury or in case it is necessary to carry out experiments in laboratories.

Types of marine biologists

  • Marine ecologist and director of diving operations.
  • Reef restoration project manager.
  • Marine Biology Technician.
  • Research assistant.
  • Fishing data manager.
  • Professed of marine ecology.
  • Postdoctoral fellow.
  • Oil Spill Response Specialist.
  • Consultant in marine ecology.
  • Marine biotechnologist.
  • Expert in marine policy.

How to be a marine biologist

The main thing is to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marine biology, this in case you want to work for private companies that focus on the area of ​​research or biotechnology companies.

In case you do not have any of the aforementioned degrees, then it is important to study a degree in marine biology with an average duration of 4 to 5 years, which you can study at universities located in the United States such as:

  • Oregon State University.
  • University of Maine.
  • Stony Brook University.

Marine biology career

Study a career in sea ​​science requires the candidate to possess analytical, research, critical thinking and communication skills for teamwork.

Specialization programs in Marine biology Their objective is to educate those who study this profession in order to obtain solid knowledge about:

  • The processes that take place in an aquatic ecosystem.
  • The features of the flora and fauna of marine ecosystems.
  • Methodologies used for the investigation of the marine environment from a theoretical and practical perspective.

In order to undertake the individual research projects of MSc in Marine Biology, students must acquire in-depth knowledge in topics such as:

  • Marine ecology: Here the student learns about the habitat of marine life, populations and how organisms interact with the environment in which they live.
  • Biology of marine organisms: The student acquires knowledge about the physiological adaptations to the aquatic environment and the biological factor of marine organisms from a molecular level.
  • Biogeography: Knowledge is acquired on how species and ecosystems are distributed in a geographical space and in geological time
  • Invasion Biology: Subject that deals with the study of how organisms diversify, both in the past and in the present and the relationship between these organisms over time.

In addition to the above, issues related to how organisms that live in the sea have evolved are also studied.

What are the branches of marine biology?

  • Marine microbiology: Study of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and protozoa.
  • Environmental marine biology: Study ocean health.
  • Deep sea ecology: Study the characteristics and biological processes in the deep marine environment.
  • Iciotology: Study fish, both those that belong to salt water and those that are fresh water.
  • Marine ethology: Study how marine animals behave.
  • Marine mammology: Study the cetaceans.

Finally, if you have doubts about the employability rate for marine biology professionals, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 5% growth in jobs for professional biologists and zoologists, in the decade from 2018 to 2028.

Marine Biologist Frequently Asked Questions

✅What is the salary of a marine biologist?

The salary of a marine biologist in the United States it is $ 4,332 per month.

✅How many years is the degree in marine biology?

The marine biology degree lasts from 4 to 5 years on average.

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