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How Much An Architect Earns In Colombia

¿How much does an architect earn in Colombia?? The salary of an architect in Colombia According to the Salaryexplorer report, it is usually about 5,560,000 Colombian pesos per month, which places this profession as one of the best paid jobs in Colombia, but there are variations in their salary, due to the city where they work, stay and see more at detail.

The house or building where you live, the office or physical company where you work, the educational centers where you are going to study and the shopping centers where you go shopping, needed an architect and his work has a price to compensate, let’s look more about how much do architects earn in Colombia by cities.

Salary of an architect in Colombia

If we talk about the salary of an architect in the city of Bogotá, then we can mention that monthly they earn about 5,590,372 Colombian pesos on average, although there is also a salary range where the lowest is 4,208,746 Colombian pesos to the highest of 6,936,949 Colombian pesos.

It should be noted that Bogotá is one of the cities where the salary of architects is higher compared to other cities in Colombian territory and even below is a list of the cities in Colombia with the highest salaries for those who work in architecture:

Medellin: 5,331,579 Colombian pesos per month.
Barranquilla:4,788,675 Colombian pesos per month.
Cartagena:4,749,330 Colombian pesos per month.
Cucuta:4,709,891 Colombian pesos per month.

4,709,564 Colombian pesos per month.

What an architect does

An architect carries out the design of new buildings to be carried out within the construction industry, but they also support the restoration and conservation of existing buildings.

Architecture professionals are involved in all the stages of the works to be carried out, from the beginning of a conversation with the client, until the final structuring is finally delivered.

Types of architects

A lot of people want to become architects because it is a high paying profession, but since different architecture styles or types of modern architecture, there are also various types of architects such as:

1. Residential architects

As their name implies, they are the class of architects whose work focuses on the design of residences, homes or houses, they can work with developers or home builders.

2. Commercial architects

Commercial architects are architecture professionals specialized in the design of buildings in which commercial premises will be established, but not limited to the design of buildings that will be used for purposes such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Elevated steps
  • Colleges

  • Government buildings

3. Landscape architects

Also known as landscape architects, it is the class of architect whose specialty focuses on designing, planning, managing and nurturing those natural and built environments, such as outdoor recreational spaces, for example:

  • University campuses
  • Parks
  • Urban landscapes
  • Plazas

With the aforementioned, we can conclude that the work of landscape architects tends to enrich the quality of life of the communities.

4. Interior design architect

The good aesthetics or interior appearance of the buildings made, would not be possible without the work carried out by this type of architect, because when a company wants its premises or business to look as attractive as possible, interior design architects are the ones who are to help in these cases.

5. Urban design architects

Unlike the interior design architects we saw earlier, urban design architects are the ones who take care of making an entire area look as attractive as possible.

6. Green design architects

Also known as green design architects, they are those who can work on building design using materials and strategies that can minimize contamination or harmful effects on the environment.

7. Industrial architects

They are responsible for the design of optimal spaces for the processes to be carried out within the industrial facilities.

Architect job

If you are looking for a job as an architect in the Colombian territory, there is a construction company, which is currently requesting Project Coordinator Architect in Bogotá DC

If you want to earn a salary as an architect of 5,501,000 Colombian pesos, this is your opportunity, your schedule is full-time, where the working hours will be from Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, if you have at less 4 years of experience, then you can apply and communicate with them by doing click here.

✅How much does an architect in Colombia charge per hour?

The average salary of an architect in Colombia per hour is 32,000 Colombian pesos.

✅How much does an architect earn in Colombia without experience?

The architect salary in Colombia for those who have less than 2 years of experience is usually 3,480,000 Colombian pesos per month.

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