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Licenses I need to set up a nursing agency

A nursing agency, such as a nursing home requires regulation, inspection and certification by various state and federal public and private agencies including the licensing and certification division of the public health department.

Examination and license application for a nursing agency

All U. S. states use the same test to obtain a license for a Nursing Agency: NCLEX-RN.  Everyone follows the same standard to pass it, because the test is adapted to the computer.

As a nursing graduate or nearing graduation you must apply for a license from a state agency, as the state agency, being able to opt for the state where you live as an applicant or the state where you intend to work.

Even in some states, as a registered nursing student you will be able to submit your application before you graduate to speed up the process, as it will not be approved until after you graduate.

In some states, the school of nursing will provide you with official verification when program requirements are met, while in others, you must apply for official transcripts even if you are an applicant from the same state.

States have different nursing work policies for a period after graduation, as some states issue temporary permits to those who are waiting to take the NCLEX and receive the test result.

But other states will allow you to work for a short period of time under the supervision of the registered nurses.

However, there are states that will not allow you to work as a registered nurse until you have passed NCLEX and have the RN license issued.

Professional competence required for a nursing agency

Regarding the licensing of a nursing agency, you should note that all states consider the applicant’s professional and legal history of nursing licensing.

In fact, most of them have a criminal record based on fingerprints, because when you apply you are also requesting self-revelation about professional legal issues and medical conditions that may interfere with the practice of the profession.

In fact, many require all legal information, including misdemeanors. However, as a candidate you should be aware that if anything is found in your record, it does not mean that you are excluded from having your license.

Some few states also require a notarial signature and, in addition to certifying the veracity of the application, may ask you to certify that you have read and understood your responsibilities.

RN Endorsement License:

An active nursing agency, whose license is in good standing, can obtain its license in another state without repeating the steps previously taken, at least it does not need to pass the exam.

The RN will provide you with license verification from at least one state. However, some states require verification of all jurisdictions where RN has been practiced.

But if the registered agency was inactive for an important period of time, the RN may be required to take an upgrade course before you are granted an RN license in the new state.

Once you are licensed, you should check with the state’s department of labor and health department to see if you should register the agency, as this is usually a requirement that is indispensable for most states.

Nursing agency license:

The application for a nursing agency license varies by state, but you will usually need to contact the department of labor, health department, human services department, and the fair nursing agency that regulates the nursing agency,


For example, in Illinois, it is not possible to operate and type of business unless the entity has the license issued by the department of labor.

However, in Minnesota, it is the health department and the human services department, the entities responsible for regulating the business of this type of agency.

Licensing requirements for a nursing agency

Requirements: To apply for a license for a Nursing Agency you must submit the required documentation and the following statements:

  • A statement detailing the experience and possible qualification as owner of the agency, since in this case the best test of qualification will be the passed exam.
  • Proof of professional liability insurance.
  • Inventory skills and a clinical competency checklist.

Nevertheless. Some states do not regulate the business of this type of agency, so they only require a commercial license.

However, in addition to the commercial license, to start your business you must obtain the necessary permits and other licenses.

To do so, you should contact the federal, state and county agencies to find out what permits and licenses are required to start your business.

You should also know that at the local government level, you will only be required to pay a certain amount of money to register your business.

You should also check with your local community and statewide if you can establish your business in any area of your area.

You should even check with the state government if your type of business requires you to apply for a state license.

By consulting with Federal Trade and Commission you will know if your business needs a federal license.

Therefore, you may begin opening the agency once you have obtained nursing license through an accredited nursing training program at your local hospital or nursing school.

Even though as an agency owner you don’t need to be a registered nurse, you will have a better understanding of employee and patient situations.

Therefore, you should investigate the health and safety code of your jurisdiction to learn all about these agencies and their legal requirements, as well as the obligations of your business, so that you can open it up and maintain it in accordance with the law of your jurisdiction.


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