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Licenses and Permits to sell beer

Do you need to know what permission to sell beer you need to legally establish your business?  Then you will read in detail everything you need to know before opening your business.

Licences for the sale of beer

If you want to open your business with the intention that your clients consume beer in your property you must manage the license of consumption in the property.

If, on the other hand, you will only sell beer without this implying that the beer is consumed in your property and therefore your customers will take the beverage to be consumed elsewhere, you must apply for a license to sell packages.

Although it is often difficult to manage a beer sale permit, it will not always be difficult because this difficulty varies depending on the state where your business is established.

For most of the time it depends on the state where you plan to set up the business, since it is much easier for some than others.

For example, it is much easier for you to get a license in Washington than in Pennsylvania, since it can take two months to get your license after having followed the entire process. In fact, the delay may be based on you having to get it at the federal, state and local levels, which can be hard work.

As a brewery, you undoubtedly need to obtain a license, since a permit to sell beer is also needed by people who without opening a business prepare and sell the drink at home if the amount sold per year reaches 200 gallons.

TTB: You must also obtain a TTB issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Agency.

As the agency’s regulations indicate that all production of alcoholic beverages such as beer or liquor must pay taxes with prior approval of the corresponding documentation, such as excise tax, reporting and details of the record of sale of alcoholic beverages.

Permits and Licenses to sell imported beer

You’re also likely to think about selling imported beer, in which case the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes requires that since you made this decision to use the TTB F form when you’ve made changes to your business and after a while you’ve decided to switch to selling imported beer or when you’ve made registration changes.

Therefore, you should contact the National Revenue Center either by email or in person to obtain TTB forms if you plan to sell beer at retail, wholesale or import.

On the other hand, you may need to meet certain additional requirements for beer sales, as some states require that you obtain permission to sell extra beer according to the jurisdictions.

Permits for sale of beer over the internet

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Agency has issued a regulation on direct sales and direct mailings via the Internet, which states that you will always be subject to the taxes indicated by the TTB, for which you should contact the appropriate state agency depending on your location.

If your business is a bar, restaurant or catering service and you will sell beer you must register your business by filling out the TTB form F 5630 6d.

You should even keep in mind that the laws of selling alcoholic beverages are different from state to state, so you need to investigate the rules of the state where your business is located, as this way you will know the requirements for you to be licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. For this purpose, you should contact the local authority, i. e. the alcoholic beverage control agency, which regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Even certain states limit the amount of alcoholic beverage sales zones within a period of time. For this reason, you should know if licenses are available in your state, otherwise it will be difficult for you to get a license.

Forms for obtaining permits to sell beer

Please note that for the licensing and permit application process you will need to fill out the forms with the information you request.

These forms can be purchased from the alcoholic beverage control agency or the local council and also from the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade agency.

Even depending on the state, you may need to send the application to the local county, city or state.

The application must have the details of the business and your personal data such as age and experience you have with the business, because your personal record must be impeccable, as it will depend on whether you grant the license.

Along with your application you must attach documents such as the business association agreement, photograph of the business abroad, photocopy of the title certificate and other documents that will be indicated in each application.


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