Requirements to obtain license to drive in texas – (Cars and CDL)

You want to get your Texas license? But you do not know what the requirements are, because if you want to drive your car you need to have your license, because in Texas as in other states of the United States, the license is essential for you to drive your car legally.

So below you will know what are those requirements you must meet, for CDL and DMV and of course as to get you must take an exam you will also have the information you need, so you should read on…

How to get the texas license

You can be a new resident, a novice driver or a non-citizen and you will always need your Texas DMV vehicle registration, but keep these requirements in mind:

  1. If you have just arrived in Texas you must obtain your driver’s license within 90 days of arrival because after this time if you have a license from another country or another state it is not valid for you to drive in Texas.
  2. If you are a new resident you will not be required to take the exam if you have a valid license and it has not expired.
  3. You also do not have to take the driving test if you have a license from another U.S. state, Germany, South Korea, Canada or France.
  4. If you have a license from the previous countries and you are an apprentice or a beginner and you want that license to become a Texas license you must take the road test but you do not need to take the knowledge test.
  5. If you are 18 years of age or older and are applying for a license for the first time, you must have an apprentice license to practice the driving test.

Texas Driver’s License Requirements for Apprentice

The requirements for obtaining a texas license are as follows:

  1. You must be at least 15 years old.
  2. You must attend the driver education course and pass.
  3. You must go to your Texas licensing office.
  4. You must complete form DL-14A, which is the application for a driver’s license.
  5. You must present your social security number, proof of residence, and proof that you are enrolled in school or have completed school.
  6. You must pass the apprentice permit exam in writing.
  7. You must pay a $16 learner permit fee.

How to obtain the texas de apprentice license

  1. You will have completed your driver education and then take the written test that will result in your apprentice license unless you have completed it when you attended the driver education course and passed it.
  2. You will apply for an apprentice’s permit by going in person with your parents or legal guardian to sign the documentation.
  3. You will present your proof of identity.
  4. Present a valid U.S. passport, naturalization or citizenship certificate, birth certificate, or original or certified certificate.
  5. You will present two documents that will prove your residence such as your academic record, health card or report card.
  6. You will present proof of your social security number.
  7. You will present your high school diploma or GED.
  8. Complete and submit the driver’s license application signed by a parent or guardian.
  9. You will present the forms of education vial according to your case.
  10. You will pay $16 for the apprentice’s license fee.

Non-citizen texas license requirements

If you are a non-citizen you must meet the following requirement:

To obtain it, you must show legal presence in the United States by presenting documents based on your status.

Different types of texas licenses

Texas has different types of licenses, for example:

  1. Class C license to drive trucks, passenger vehicles, and non-commercial vehicles weighing less than 26001 pounds.
  2. Non-commercial license A that allows you to drive vehicles whose gross weight does not exceed 26,000 pounds, allows you to tow vehicles with a weigh less than 10000 pounds or agricultural vehicles with a toll less than 20000 pounds and even allows you to drive buses with a capacity of 24 or more passengers.

Requirements for CDL in Spanish Texas

What you need to know about cdl in Spanish texas, is about the commercial driver’s license, because if you want to drive a commercial vehicle you can do so lethally in Texas only with this type of license because a regular does not authorize you, to do so you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old.
  2. Prior to obtaining the cdl you must have a driver’s license.
  3. You must have driven with a regular driver’s license for at least one year prior to applying for the cdl.
  4. You must provide your current driver’s license.
  5. You will present your social security card.

How to obtain the CDL in Spanish Texas

To obtain the CDL in Spanish texas, follow these steps:

  1. You will call or visit the local driver’s office that offers cdl tests.
  2. The clerk will need to prove your identity, so show him or her your insurance card and driver’s license.
  3. If you have a commercial vehicle, you will show them proof of insurance and your registration.
  4. Depending on the type of cdl you need, the requirements may include English language, a physical fitness test and good vision.
  5. Request the form for the cdl license according to whether you require class A, class B or class C.
  6. You must pass the vision test and the written test is a knowledge test, for which you can download a copy by going to the Texas Department of Safety website.
  7. Take the driving test with a commercial vehicle of the same class you apply for, you can do it at a Texas agency.
  8. You must pay the fee for the new commercial license after passing all the tests, you will be photographed and fingerprinted.

What is DMV Texas in Spanish for?

  1. In dmv texas in Spanish allows you to study online all the questions for your driving test.
  2. Simply choose the test and then study the questions and answers from your iPhone, Tablet or computer.

How is the cdl exam in spanish in texas

As examples of the cdl exam questions in texas, they are the following:

  1. If you find an injured person, you should:

Mobilize it if you notice that it is in traffic or in danger, press any injury, keep the person warm or all the answers are correct. Obviously all of the above are correct.

2. What emergency items do you need in your car?

Spare fuses, fire extinguisher, warning triangles or first aid kit. The correct answer is first aid kit.

3. Can a drinker be helped with fresh air and coffee? True or false. The answer is false.

How to get a texas driver’s license for undocumented immigrants

If you want to know if you can get your driver’s license in texas for undocumented.  The answer is as simple as not being able to get it, as the Texas Department of Public Safety will ask you for identification, Texas residency, your social security number, your passport and bill in your name with your address in Texas.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to obtain your driver’s license.



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