Geico customer service Telephones and contacts for Insurances

If you need to communicate with geico insurance, you have several options depending on the problem you have, because in many situations you may need to have the exact phone with you so as not to lose time and find a quick answer with the solution you need.

Phone: (800) 207-7847

For this reason, since it is important that you always carry them with you because you may have an emergency in the middle of your trip, pay attention to the following car insurance numbers of Geico insurance and Geico in spanish:

Support phone number for Geico Insurance USA…

Geico Customer Service Telephone Number

Geico Customer service number 1-800-861-8380

The Geico customer service telephone is 1-800-861-8380.

How to contact Geico: To contact Geico com, consider these phone numbers:

  1. To contact for insurance you can call the main telephone number (800)-207-7847, (800)-424-3426, (800) 241-8098, (800) 44-29253, (866) 509-9444. contact us

If you need to contact you can do it any day of the week 24 hours from their website:

  1. Enter
  2. You can communicate via online chat by logging in with your policy.
  3. You access the chat with your mobile phone by downloading the application GEICO Mobile.
  4. You can communicate by e-mail by going to
  5. Complete the form indicating the reason why you need to contact.
  6. Depending on that reason you will continue filling in the corresponding fields to expand your question.
  7. Then write your message as descriptive as possible and click Send email.
  8. If you want to contact Geico by post go to

Choose the category for which you wish to communicate, then select the state that corresponds to your policy and you will have in front of you the address according to the state you indicated.

Every local agent is licensed to help you with your car, boat, motorcycle, etc. insurance and offers you a personalized service.

To do this, you can visit the agent in person, call him or simply request a quote online.

To find your agent enter your zip code and click on find an agent.

If you prefer you can also search by state and click Go.

Then the page will redirect you where you can click on your city.

You’ll get the options of Geico’s agents so that you can choose between them, with their address, the telephone so that you can communicate and the e-mail address so that you can write to them.

Click the arrow of the agent you chose and enter your zip code and then click Start Quoting.

You can also read a summary of the curriculum of the chosen agent with the orientation of his or her domain so that you can be located accurately.

Geico Mobile App

Geico Mobile App has many features besides the obvious ones, for example:

  1. Fast and free you can access your insurance ID cards during your trip.
  2. You can view, print and email your ID cards whenever you want with your mobile phone.
  3. With Geico Mobile you get assistance on the road so you can request services with the application as for example request a trailer or change the battery of your car if it does not work.
  4. Accounts with Kate, a virtual assistant to help you solve questions quickly every day of the week throughout the year.
  5. You can have strict control over your policy and your car by viewing the complete service history of your car and programming its maintenance thanks to Geico Mobile Carfax.
  6. login

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper tab, you will see on the right side of the screen the Login button to log in.
  3. A drop-down menu would then open on the right side of the screen for you to access. Choose the type of policy that corresponds to you, depending on whether it is Auto, Motorcycle, etc. Enter your ID, email address or policy number and enter your password
  4. Click Log in.
  5. If you forgot your password, click on I forgot my password and you will receive an email with the instructions for activating a new password.

Geico com login claim

If you made a complaint and want to follow it up in Geico .com follow these steps:

  1. Enter
  2. You will see several fields that you must fill in with your claim number.
  3. Enter your name
  4. Enter your last name
  5. Click on next

How to report a complaint in Geico

If you want to report a complaint to follow these steps:

  1. Enter
  2. Tick the appropriate box: My Geico policy or another person’s Geico policy.
  3. Require the type of policy for which you make the claim between jewelry policy, travel policy, workers’ compensation policy, business policy, mobile home policy, identity protection policy, basic auto policy, condominium policy, tenant policy, landlord policy, umbrella policy, life policy, flood policy, boat policy, overseas policy, pet policy, or carpool policy.
  4. After you have chosen your type of policy you will be able to make a report to the person in charge who will solve your problem.

To do this he will give you the name and telephone number so you can communicate.

What Geico insurance offers

Insurance Geico en español offers free quotes for insuring cars, houses, motorcycles, businesses among other types of insurances as shown below in a complete list.

Insurance Geico en español ofrece:

  1. Geico Auto Insurance: you can quote your car online, just access the official Geico website and enter the information necessary for the quote and you will receive support so you can successfully continue the process and choose the type of coverage you need with the state minimums and the options that best suit you.
  2. Motorcycle Insurance: You can also request a quote from Motorcycle Insurance Geico online no matter what type of motorcycle you have and you will get the insurance rate options with the type of coverage you require.
  3. RV Insurance: Geico offers you the RV insurance policy so that you can be calm when you go out with your car to travel the country on the road, whether it is your car or a trailer with a remorcable and motorized RV policy in almost all states.
  4. Boat insurance-PWC: It is the type of policy you need with damage coverage regardless of the power and size of your boat, since usually, the policies of owners do not cover with sufficient insurance.
  5. Collector’s auto insurance: This is the type of Geico insurance you need if you have a classic collector’s car, as it is aimed at car collectors, for which geico partnered with Assurant and American Modern Insurance to offer you an insurance policy for classic cars.
  6. Travel Sharing Insurance: The Geico carpool insurance policy provides coverage for your vehicle for personal use, for the use of on-demand services and carpool.
  7. Homeowner’s insurance: Geico provides you with a home insurance policy covering your home including clothing, appliances, furniture, dishes and all your personal belongings such as jewelry.
  8. Tenant Insurance: Provides coverage with liability protection, injuries to third parties within the property, legal defense and medical payments of injured persons on your property.
  9. Insurance condominium – cooperative: Offers coverage on your personal property against vandalism, theft, fire, lightning and civil liability coverage for certain accidents.
  10. Mobile home insurance: Coverage extends to personal liability protection if you or other household members cause damage to property or persons.
  11. owner’s insurance: This is the protection your tenants need to obtain coverage for personal property and civil liability.
  12. Flood insurance: Some commonly flooded places are required by federal law to have flood insurance that is not present in the homeowner’s policy.
  1. Business Insurance: Provides coverage BOP against damage to property, bodily injury, civil liability for libel and defamation, protection for commercial equipment and furniture.
  2. General liability insurance: You get coverage for bodily injury, property damage, medical payments resulting from bodily injury for which you may be responsible, defense costs with an attorney representing you in defense of your business, advertising, and personal injuries if you are sued for libel and defamation.
  3. Worker’s Compensation Insurance: your employees get coverage if they are injured on the job.
  4. strong>Commercial auto insurance: You need commercial auto insurance for different types of vehicles including box trucks, for transporting goods, for transporting people and any other type of vehicle used for commercial purposes.
  5. Travel Sharing Insurance: It is the type of hybrid coverage so that your vehicle has coverage for shared transport, personal use, and services on demand.

It is the type of hybrid coverage so that your vehicle has coverage for shared transport, personal use, and services on demand.

  1. strong>Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella insurance is additional insurance that gives you coverage of $1 million dollars added to the limits of the homeowners or auto policy. If you damage the property of a person or someone is the best way to be reassured because you will have insurance coverage to meet those expenses.
  2. Life insurance: With life insurance, you feel at ease knowing that your family will always be protected with the money you estimate, for which you can obtain an online quote or call (888) 532-5433.

Auto Geico insurance

You can get an online insurance quote from Geico insurance, just enter your information and your quote will begin. You will also receive assistance throughout the quotation process on the types of coverage and state minimums.

It will also reveal to you the rate and discounts for example for your driving habits or the affiliation of members and after the process, you will be able to buy your policy online.

Geico quote

Geico in English quote, just go to the website of and enter your zip code to start requesting a quote with a click on Start Quote.

Telephone numbers of Geico insurance near me

If you need to contact a branch of Geico insurance accounts with several telephone numbers that you will take into account according to the query you need to make.

If you have an incident on the road you have the telephone number of the emergency service and in the same way with different telephone numbers according to your query, therefore all these numbers you can schedule to always have them with you:

Insurance Geico near me: Number telephone

Therefore, in order to communicate with a Geico insurance branch in Spanish take into account the following telephone numbers:

Geico quote

If you take out a car insurance policy with Geico, it can save you an average of $500 per year.

If you want to get an auto insurance quote you can have it for free and you will realize what your savings will be in your Geico insurance policy.

You can quote your car online for free. If you feel satisfied with the quote you can buy your insurance in no more than 15 minutes in a personalized way of taking into account rates and different options that suit your needs.

Geico the Paso TX

1. Geico el Paso TX is addressed in Montana Av. Suite J. El Paso, TX 79925. You can come from 9am to 6pm. Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, Sundays are closed. You can also call (915) 779-2489.

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