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How much does a nose job cost?

The cost of having a nose job also known as rhinoplasty, depending on the skill and experience of the surgeon, the type and complexity of the surgical sculpture, and regional cost differences. In United States, nose surgery costs from $ 3,000 to $ 12,000 Being the average price $ 5,000.

How Much Does a Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Cost?

The total cost of a rhinoplasty includes surgical, anesthetic, and facility costs. Anesthesia fees range from $ 600 to 1000, facility fees range from $ 700 to $ 1,100, and the rest is the surgical cost.

It is important to mention that this surgical intervention is officially called Rhinoplasty since it comes from the Greek word rhinos what does nose mean and the word plassein which means shaping.

The surgeon’s fee is the most expensive aspect of a nose job, and it is also the most difficult to estimate because it varies based on skill, training, experience, and other factors.

Additional costs

Patients may have to pay for medications once the surgery is complete, and at various clinics some plastic surgeons require a non-refundable initial consultation fee.

Higher costs

If you are considering rhinoplasty in New York City, it is important to choose a very good plastic surgeon. Since rhinoplasty is a personalized surgery, based on the unique condition of the patient, the cost varies, but is typically in the range of $ 10,000 to $ 15,000.

How much does a nose job cost?

If it is necessary to have a nose job due to injury, the cost will be different. When you have a problem with your nose, symptoms can include bruising, swelling, pain, bleeding, or trouble breathing. Treatment ranges from non-invasive, if the bones are not displaced, to invasive if surgery is required for a severe break.

Without health insurance, the diagnosis and treatment for a broken nose usually includes the cost of the X-ray, a facility fee, and a doctor’s fee for a $ 500 price or less if bone realignment is not required; between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 if non-surgical realignment is required; Y up to $ 8,000 or more if surgery is required.

A nasal X-ray costs an average of $ 180, but in some places they charge $ 1,000 or more. Treatment of a broken nose without realignment would generally consist of a doctor’s visit, an X-ray, a pain reliever, ice, and rest at home. And treatment with realignment can range from about $ 1,600 to $ 4,500, not including the doctor’s fee, according to Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, NE. If surgery is required, the cost could be as high as $ 7,000 or more.

The average cost for treating a nasal fracture is $ 7,651, according to Baptist Memorial Health Care’s Memphis, TN health care cost calculator.

A typical medical fee for the non-surgical treatment of a fracture costs $ 90 to $ 200 for an office visit and could also include $ 250 to $ 950 for the procedure, as a realignment, or $ 2,000 or more for surgery, depending on Carolina Orthopedic Surgery Associates.


Your insurance company may cover part of the cost of the nose job if the procedure is related to altering the nasal passage to improve breathing or to address some other medical need. Ask your surgeon about applying for insurance. Insurance does not cover nose jobs for purely cosmetic reasons.

Treatment for a broken nose is generally covered by health insurance. An insured patient pays a copayment for X-rays, an office visit copayment, and a 10% to 50% coinsurance for the procedure. The cost could reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum if surgery is required.


If the cost of your rhinoplasty is more than you can afford at one time, our recommendation is to ask your surgeon if there are monthly payment plans available.

In the United States you should look for a certified plastic surgeon American Board of Plastic Surgery who has extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty and other areas of facial plastic surgery.

You can search for one by geographic region certified by the Board. Although they generally charge higher fees, all of these surgeons have undergone intensive surgical training and can help ensure that you receive the best possible treatment at the best price.

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