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How much does a Tattoo cost in the United States?

In the United States, tattoo artists charge a price from $ 50 to $ 250 per hour. Average tattoo prices range from $ 30 to $ 100 for sizes smaller than 2 × 2, $ 100 to $ 200 for a 3 × 3, and around $ 250 or more for a 4 × 4 tattoo. For example: the average cost of a small tattoo like a heart or a cross is $ 50 to $ 250. For a medium-sized tattoo like a tribal or portrait, it is normal to spend between $ 150 and $ 450.

According to Tattoo Master Artist, Mr. Peck, the average tattoo prices for most clients are around $ 200 to $ 300 with a minimum of $ 100. For a tattoo that takes longer than 6 hours the range of prices is $ 1,000 or more.

How much does a tattoo cost in different parts of the body

Price of a tattoo on the fingers

The cost of finger tattoos that have a word or symbol generally cost $ 50 to $ 100. Keep in mind that it is best to choose a small, simple design for your finger due to the way the skin on your hand will age. over time, which can distort complex images.

Tattoo on hands

A tattoo that covers the entire hand can take up to 2 hours to complete, so it would be normal to pay $ 200 or more depending on whether it is colored or black ink.

Price of a tattoo on the wrist

The general cost of wrist tattoos is $ 50 to $ 150 if you get common designs like letters, words, symbols, or even a compass rose.

Price of an ankle tattoo

Small ankle tattoos are priced from $ 60 for a simple 1-inch design to $ 200 or more for larger ankle tattoos with elaborate details and colors.

Price of a tattoo on the forearm

The average cost of a forearm tattoo ranges from $ 200 to $ 1,200. Full-color forearm sleeves are the most expensive, while dashes and contours are cheaper.

Triceps tattoo price

For example, getting a triceps tattoo at the Body Electric tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, California costs $ 400 for a black ink design with heavy shading. If you want to use additional colors, then the price is higher.

Price of a full back tattoo

An average tattoo cost to cover the whole back with lots of work details and shading will take around 40 hours of work and it will cost $ 2,000 to $ 5,000. A mid-back tattoo costs around $ 1,000 if it’s an outline done with only black ink. It can cost around $ 1,750 or more to complete a colored back armor tattoo as that can take up to 7 hours of work for the artist.

Tattoo on chest

The total price of a chest tattoo ranges from $ 600 to $ 1,200 as it can take around 6 hours of work. A half chest tattoo costs around $ 250 for a two-tone colored outline design. If you want it to be colored then the price will be $ 350 or more.

Tattoo on legs

A leg tattoo that covers the entire shin and the front of the lower leg costs around $ 500 if it is a black ink design. Completing the outline with colors and fully covering the hips can easily cost up to $ 1,800.

Additional costs of a tattoo

Some tattoo artists charge an additional 10 to 25 percent for work on a part of the body that is more difficult, such as the lower back. And some artists will charge more for custom designs, but it is more common to request a deposit of about $ 50.

It is normal for tattoos to fade a bit over time, so if you want to keep the colors very vivid then you will probably have to touch it up in the future.

Why is a tattoo so expensive?


The Skill, Experience, and Popularity of the Artists – A talented artist who has worked with high-profile celebrities, and especially those who are building a reputation in New York City or Los Angeles, can easily charge a minimum flat fee of $ 300 for an appointment as they are in very high demand.


The location and popularity of the studio: In tattoo parlors that have artists with more than 20 years of experience, it is normal to pay at least $ 150 to $ 200 just to get an appointment. A good example of a store like this is Love Hate Tattoos, featured on the “Miami Ink” program.

Tattoo Place

The most expensive tattoos are those that are done on the scalp, ribs, and parts of the body with the highest concentration of nerves. Areas like fingertips, shins, arches, and nipples take longer and require more skill to tattoo.

Used materials

While the amount of time it takes to create a tattoo is the most significant cost factor, specialty tattoo needles and original techniques can add a lot to the price. The best tattoo artists have the highest quality tools and are very experienced in their method.

How to get a tattoo

Here are the steps to make a tattoo on your skin.

  1. The tattoo artist will create a template of the design chosen by the client, usually using a special machine.
  2. The site where the tattoo is to be placed will be disinfected
  3. The template will be transferred to the skin.
  4. The artist will pour ink into the tattoo machine, which has tiny needles that inject the ink into the skin.
  5. Using the machine, the tattoo artist will first trace the outline of the tattoo, then add color and shading.


Never, never get a tattoo with someone who doesn’t know how to do tattoos! You have to take into account that tattoos are for life so if you really want to be proud of your tattoo then choose an artist based on quality and not price. We tell you this because you have surely seen on television cases of people who have very ugly tattoos and now they regret it.


To minimize health risks, it is important to ensure that the tattoo artist has been certified by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a non-profit organization that uses a strict set of standards to make tattooing as safe as possible. Also, be aware of the health risks, which are minimal, but still exist, in tattoo parlors that follow strict sanitation guidelines.


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