The ITIN loan is one of the most beneficial things for you if you are an immigrant in the U.S and it can help you a lot. It’s a strategy, if could we could call it like that, to obtain a loan for a house so you find where to live.

For this there are many steps that we might go for first, but it is a good solution. Normally, most of the immigrants in the U.S are not eligible for a SSN, which means they don’t have it.

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In this case, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number comes as a savior. Getting an ITIN is necessary if you want to make some important transactions, including applying mortgage loans.

Before we go into this topic we need to be clear about what is ITIN? And how to get one because it is a requisite. By the end of this post you will know everything you need to get ITIN mortgage loans.

Why should I get a ITIN?

Having an ITIN has many advantages and disadvantages actually, but we will focus on the ones related to mortgages loans. The first thing we should mention is that you no longer need SSN.

You can use you ITIN along all of the process to get a loan. It also gives you a lot of credit to ask for loans. And this is definitely a better option than applying for individual loans that will take your home as a guarantee.

This is why getting the ITIN is so important, and you can apply for it online. The process to get the ITIN will take about one month, if not more, but is worth the time. And the most important thing: Having the ITIN will allow you to apply for a mortgage loan with no social security number required.

What banks give loans with ITIN number?

There are many banks that you can go to, but you should go with the most reliable and experienced one. Here are some banks that you can go to:

First National Bank of America: The Bank of America has a special plan for people looking for mortgage loans. It will only ask for the 15% of the payment completed and the ITIN of the client.

United mortgage: This is the second best option in my opinion, here we have a bank that grants up to the 85% for home buyers.

Go Alterra: Also famous because of the deals it offers to its clients, another great option too.

How to obtain an ITIN loan?

If you are reading to this point you should already have your ITIN with you approved. If you don’t you should know that is the first step, without your ITIN you will not be able to apply for the loan. That’s why the question What is ITIN is so important.

Then, you will have to look for the mortgage, for this you can go with assessors and lending groups. When you find one you can apply for the Tax ID loan, what you are interested in.

You will need to count with a good credit history, your income status and other data, to check if you are an eligible client.

Can you get a loan with an ITIN number?

Yes, you can, the ITIN number will give you the credit you need to be eligible for loans on most banks. The ITIN number will allow you to get more official loans, which have a lower interest rate.

The ITIN number is something that most of the people should have if they can’t get their SSN yet or it’s been denied.

What do you need to apply for a mortgage loan?

Apart from the ITIN there are some others things that at least is good for you to have. Of course, this will also depend on the lender you choose, and how high your loan will be.

For loans that may be too high (say for example 1.2 million dollars) the requirements will be high. And if you don’t have great credit it will surely be denied. However, the mortgage loans are not too difficult to achieve if you count with these requirements:

  • Recent payment stubs: This will add some credit as a loan requestor.
  • Bank statements: All of your documents must be in-rule, and you should have the information updated.
  • W-2s

How personal loans with the ITIN work?

The ITIN number will be the document they will use to track your movements and finances. It’s a solution for some people that doesn’t have access to the social security number.

Using your ITIN, you can get loans for many things like buying a car, buying a home, and business loans too. Of course they work with interests and other catches, nothing comes for free.

But you can get a decent deal with payment facilities and other contemplations. Also, an alternative to the traditional loan request are the credit cards. Having a credit card can give you even more payment facility.

And if you combine these two you can get a powerful mix that could lead you to reach your dreams. You should go to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and investigate all you can about what is ITIN.

Because all of these processes are done with the ITIN or SNN as a requirement. Remember that you can get approved even for 25.000$ in the U.S by this number.

Can you apply for a home loan with an ITIN number?

Yes, having a home is one of the most important parts of the American dreams, and there are many companies that can help you do that. It doesn’t matter if you are an American citizen or not, mortgage loans can always help you.

For only the 15% of the payment completed by your part, you can apply for mortgage loans easily. Go and apply for your ITIN or SSN right now and get your mortgage loan.

How do I get a TIN ?


You will need to complete Form SS-5-SP, Application for a Social Security Card  PDF. You must also provide proof of your identity, age, and US citizenship or legal alien status. For more information, please see the Social Security Administration website.

Form SS-5 is also available by calling 1-800-772-1213 or visiting your local Social Security office. These services are free.


The Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) is also known as a federal tax identification number and is used to identify a business entity. It is also used by estates and trusts that have income that must be reported on Form 1041, Income Tax Return for US Estates and Trusts . See Employer Identification Numbers for more information.

The following form is available only to employers located in Puerto Rico, Request for Employer Identification Number (EIN) SS-4PR PDF.


An ITIN , or Personal Taxpayer Identification Number, is a number used for tax processing, available only to certain resident and non-resident aliens, their spouses and dependents who cannot obtain a Social Security number ( SSN ). It is a 9-digit number that begins with the number “9”, formatted as an SSN (NNN-NN-NNNN).

You can use the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant tool to help you determine whether to apply to receive a taxpayer personal identification number (ITIN).

To obtain an ITIN , you must complete Form W-7 (SP), Application for Personal Taxpayer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service . Form W-7 (SP) requires documentation that proves the alien status and the true identity of each person. You can mail the documentation along with the Form W-7 (SP) to the address indicated in the Instructions for Form W-7 (SP), deliver them in person to an IRS office that serves taxpayers in person, or process your application through an IRS Authorized Acceptance Agent . The Form W-7 (SP), Application for Personal Taxpayer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service , is available for use by Spanish speakers.

Acceptance agents are entities (universities, financial institutions, accounting firms, etc.) that the IRS has authorized to help applicants obtain their ITINs . They review the applicant’s documentation and send the completed Form W-7 to the IRS for processing.

NOTE : You cannot claim the earned income tax credit using an ITIN .

Foreign individuals who are natural persons must apply for a Social Security number ( SSN ) if they have the right to do so, on Form SS-5-SP from the Social Security Administration, or they must apply for a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number ( ITIN ) on Form W-7 (SP). As of this moment, every ITIN applicant now has to:

  • Apply using Form W-7 (SP), Request for a revised Personal Identification Number of the Taxpayer, and.
  • Attach a federal income tax return to Form W-7.

Applicants who qualify for any of the exceptions to the requirement to file a tax return (see  Instructions for Form W-7) must provide documentation that verifies the exception.

The new rules regarding Forms W-7 (SP) / ITIN were issued on December 17, 2003. For a summary of these rules, please see the new Form W-7 (SP) and its instructions.

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